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June 14, 2008


By A. Citizen

Senator Jake Knotts, a politician known to throw his weight around and who according to The State “has used his office to intervene in criminal cases on behalf of friends,” is supposedly trying to do the same with political adversaries.

Yesterday’s State newspaper reported that Mike Sturkie, the successful, self-made owner of a Lexington grading and excavating company who received 14% of the vote in the Senate District 23 primary on Tuesday, is “taking the weekend” to decide on an endorsement.

That story prompted numerous reports from around Columbia that Knotts is trying to intimidate Sturkie, his former opponent, into endorsing his candidacy.

While, political strategists have speculated that most of those Sturkie votes were due to an overwhelming “Anti-Jakie” sentiment and that “Sturkie ideologically is closer to Governor Mark Sanford and Katrina Shealy than Tommy Moore and Jake Knotts.”

Sources close to SCHotline have reported that Knotts’ intimidation tactics may include trying to use his weight with government agencies to interfere with projects Sturkie may be involved with.

Knotts past interventions and his current association with consultant Rod Shealy, prompted some politicos to ask, “Is this really a surprise?”

Some of the sources, who reported details of Knotts intimidation attempt, have also stated that “Mike Sturkie is a lot like John McCain. He doesn’t scare easily and has no place for intimidation tactics.”

However, Knotts has certainly been a disruptive force to political enemies in years past. The Senator from Lexington is used to getting his way through bully tactics on the local political playground.

However, tremendous growth in Lexington and the winds of change might leave Jake pouting at home or contemplating another petition run for Governor.

Four years ago, we saw a similar situation in which current Representative Nikki Haley defeated Larry Koon, the longest serving member of the State House.

Koon and Knotts are a lot alike. Both are considered to be “good ol’ boys”

and entrenched members of the establishment. Both also share a consultant in Rod Shealy and use his playbook of negative politics.

While Knotts has decided to use the intimidation page out of Shealy’s political playbook of dirty tricks, Koon preferred the race card. Four years ago, Koon’s tactics backfired and Lexington County elected a woman in his place. It will remain to be seen if the same fate is slated for Knotts.

After spending much of his campaign funds on TV ads, Knotts is supposedly “short on cash” and is finding the well of political cash to be dry. The Knotts campaign reportedly went all in and spent the bulk of their resources for June 10 thinking Knotts would win outright.

The cash-flow situation coupled with outside groups becoming shy of Knotts’


Even the Senate Republican Caucus, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars unsuccessfully defending Senators Catherine Ceips, Randy Scott and Jim Ritchie, might be saving its few resources left for actually running against Democrats rather than continuing to support its members in Republican primaries.

Plus, one source reported that Lisa Sox who is Executive Director of the Senate Caucus is close with Katrina Shealy and was considered a top ally when Katrina was Lexington Republican Party Chair.

Sources close to the situation have reported that the financial situation has caused tremendous tensions within the Knotts campaign and has escalated to levels of in-fighting and “the blame game.”

Sources close to Katrina Shealys campaign told SCHotline that they planned on a runoff the whole time and the wealth of potential political and financial support which sat on the sidelines waiting for June 10th’s results is joining Shealy’s campaigns in droves.

Thus Sturkie’s decision becomes the first test of the run-off and his choice will show whether Knotts still carries enough political weight to continue his Tammany Hall style politics in Lexington County at least with one past opponent.



Knotts’ intervention:

Sturkie Background:

Rod Shealy:



Sturkie Endorsement:

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Nice Pic permalink
    June 14, 2008 8:37 PM

    If the boys out in Lexington County see this pic and know that you are with Katrina, you might just lose the election for her.

    That kind of thang don’t go around too well in some of those parts.

  2. Darrell Wallace permalink
    June 14, 2008 11:29 PM

    If Knotts is one of the good old boys, then get rid of him. Columbia needs a good house cleaning starting with the State Chamber of Commerce and the Farmer’s Bureau. These latter two needs to have these wetbacks cramed in their left ear and pulled out their right ankles.

  3. June 16, 2008 5:15 PM

    this is totally, one hundred percent made up.

  4. ACM permalink
    June 17, 2008 8:20 PM

    This comes as no surprise to me. I have seen the way people react to Jake Knotts as well as the “true” Jake over the past few years. While dining in West Columbia the restaurant workers came to each table asking if anyone had a black car outside with a small dog in it. The day was hot and the dog was miserable. The car was tracked to Jake Knotts who then became angry at being intruded upon. By this time the police had been called and he was very hostile and angry. If he treats his pet this way can you imagine the disdain he feels for most people? A true bully at heart this man is!

  5. Elizabeth M permalink
    June 17, 2008 8:56 PM

    Jake needs to get gone. His bullying, and taking payoffs has gone on too long. He’s just about ruined rural Lexington County with all his selfish profiteering. He doesn’t give one whit about Lexington County. He cares about Jake Knotts. Frankly, I’m tired of being lied to. Even if Katrina isn’t who she says she is, she’s better than Jake Knotts … Lexington and the State of SC can’t take another four years of the good ‘ole boys.

  6. Cookie permalink
    June 18, 2008 2:10 AM

    Too sad that Sturkie had to worry about his 40+ employees losing their jobs if a certain senator caused his company to lose contracts. Even sadder that voters are frightened to death to admit they voted against the incumbant…this sounds like a movie mafiosa story, only it really does happen here in SC. The people in IRAQ are willing to risk their lives to vote and proudly hold up their ink stained finger as proof of their courage.

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