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Another “Medical Emergency” Occurs on Steps of SC Statehouse

January 12, 2011

(AP / Mary Ann Chastian)

For the second time, and in as many years an individual has taken a fall on the statehouse steps during event ceremonies.

“The ceremony was interrupted for about 15 minutes. It resumed with the announcer asking for a moment of silence, followed by a statement that the Bureau of Protective Services officer will be OK.” (WIS)

What remains unclear is whether or not appropriate medical personnel were positioned for today’s event.  Our sources on the scene tell us, there was “no immediate response” except for the announcer asking if, ‘a doctor was in the crowd’ several individuals approached the stage to provide assistance. Furthermore, stating that it was at least fifteen minutes until the fallen officer was assisted and taken away on a stretcher by EMS.

In light of the AZ shootings and the fact that a fall onto the granite steps could result in serious bodily injury, why if, in fact, it is true would we not have an appropriate medical personnel presence and other resources on the scene and in very close proximity to victim and or victims of any potential scenario.

Our attempts to contact the Bureau of Protective Services for more information were not immediately successful. We will, however, follow upon this story as more details are made available to us.

Officer collapses during inauguration


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