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June 16, 2008

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Andrew Citizen

A. Citizen

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  1. June 23, 2008 3:10 PM

    What appears to be “war paint” was poured at Industrial Drive @ Hwy 6 in Lexington in front of the NAPA Auto Parts store — blue and purple paint trails all the way into Maurice’s BBQ parking lot, located at Hwy 6 and I-20. A Maurice’s employee said it was poured 2-3 days ago, which would mean very late Friday night/very early Saturday morning [6/20- 6/21/08].

    This swath of war paint trails past the abandoned Miller’s Back When store, where the old beige ‘thug’ van with the pirate flag is often on display, under the ‘watchful eye’ [yeah, right] of Lexington County and Town of Lexington officers.

  2. Garnet Spy permalink
    July 30, 2008 2:06 PM
    A South Carolina Little Leaguer grows up and meets his hero.

  3. Taxpayers unite permalink
    February 7, 2009 6:50 AM


    A Modern day “Boston Tea Party”, Americans all over America are mad as hell and are not going to take our government’s bad policies and radical decision making anymore.
    Here is the American publics’ response to government bailouts; stimulus packages and the putting us back to work—and the continuous urgings of us, to keep Wall Street alive.

    The wizards of Government and Wall Street, through their greed and corrupt practices, have given us the people very few options: risk destitution, foreclosure and bankruptcy or save. We’ve chosen to save. To save, save, save ourselves. This is what the internet is all about! Put eleven million, unemployed, pissed off people with computers to work and stand back!

    1. Is this outrage coming from the orchestrated collapse of the world economy? The old must be removed in favor of a new world order, which has its foundation squarely built upon Banking.
    2. Our government and lawmakers have dickered and dawdled us all off a cliff; we are now trying desperately to resist the realization that there is no ground beneath us.
    3. The government is responsible for the root cause of this mess. It drove up consumerism and promoted the financial industry—and distorted mortgage risk on a national scale. Private corporations simply DO NOT work for public good. They look for maximum profits at any costs. These same government-corporate partnerships subverted our republic and brought us TARP the biggest give-the-rich a party legislation in history. It was Wall Street companies who conceived an economy built on debt, along, with public policy and enlisted an army of felons, tax evaders, liars, cheaters, imposters, extortionist, and smooth talkers. With the economy slaughtered they lobbied government into cooperation, to act as mortgage brokers making them complicit in passing the bad debt onto taxpayers.
    4. Partisan posturing created this self-fulfilling prophecy. Delivering a hard blow to citizen confidence and survival. And, Wall Street just shrugged of the jobless numbers. “Despite the growing numbers of U. S. jobless citizens. Continuing on strongly with all three major exchanges up more than 1.5 percent”, after, hearing the worst jobless report in 34 years.
    5. Republicans and Democrats putting a gaping hole below the appropriations water line for political gains, regardless, of the consequences to the country. Record homeless, record home foreclosures and record bankruptcies; Congress fiddles while Rome burns.
    6. You cannot run on change and honest government, then propose government control, unionization of business, hire tax cheats, ignore government errors and complicity, and have employers and citizens follow you off the cliff.
    7. When are the poor and middle class people of this country going to hit the streets in indignation over what is going on in congress and start fighting for what is in OUR best interest?
    8. It’s time for citizen action!
    9. Congress refuses to acknowledge that the people of the country need a bailout. They are content to overlook the people “for bankers”. Of course, Banks and financial companies get saved, immediately, allowing for endless down sizing, endless job reductions, complete lack of core full employment – full utilization of productive minds and a human resource value system.
    10. The Golden Goose of the United States, consumerism. Don’t they know? Low paid people don’t buy, they just get by.
    11. As small business owners we can say… that there is very little in the current stimulus bill that will help our companies or our employees. Tax cuts are not the answer. Understand this, we are losing money and won’t be paying any taxes.
    12. How logically can, we, expect our people in charge to solve our problems?
    13. We need another civil war but call it financial warfare this time instead.
    14. What good is it for the U.S. to be considered the most powerful nation on the face of the earth if there are millions of its citizens who are hungry, under insured, under employed and under educated?
    15. Job losses were once again spread across both manufacturing and services industries. Due to the corporate criminals running this country and our government. Layoffs will continue unabated. Layoffs are an indication of the lack of confidence that businesses and consumers have about the future.
    16. 13.9% unemployment, folks. Coming to America? Why are we not outraged at those whose greed and condescension, within and outside of government, continue to bring our economy and our people’s ability to care for themselves to its knees?
    17. Wall Street and the Banking Institutions are no more different than a Mafia organization that corrupts the minds of fools into believing its giving them security and protection. Like with every mafia organization, its godfather and his family members, take all!
    18. This escalating unemployment trend… what sets it apart from the First Great Depression? Corporations will use this time of mass-layoffs to hire overseas low-wage and sweat-shop foreign workers to replace laid-off American workers.
    19. The future of automation is 100% unemployment. Our task is to design/develop a society in which the goods and services produced by automation are equitably distributed among the members of elite society.
    20. Just because you personally have not lost your job (with fewer each day out there to replace it) or your house has not dropped by half its value (while you owe 90%) does not mean that you are not affected or will not be affected by this crisis.
    21. Americans, we cannot simply under react.
    22. We need decisive and aggressive action to stem the tide of the real estate, and small business collapse. Direct incentives for companies to maintain employment levels. With the Republicans’ screaming for more tax cuts and the Democrats stalling to fund programs of yester-year, I’m afraid it’s time to start the consumer melt down which has been coming for a long time now.
    23. We all need a reality check and to treat other American’s as if they are us.
    24. There are millions of people who are not construction workers; thus, this bill will not put them back to work. The bill’s provisions for the unemployed are mere tokens compared to the amount being proposed to spend to continue the bailout of banks. Here’s a reason why these banks were in trouble–poor management.
    25. Necessity really is the mother of Invention. Those who know the rules…know how to play the game.
    26. Dig in people, ignore media and government’s cries—of, we will create jobs and put you all back to work. Translation: So you can keep aiding in feeding the system. You know how it goes…they need you to help, the rich get richer.
    27. “fear not, the people may be deluded for a moment but cannot be corrupted”
    28. Wake up, folks. It’s the government that’s the problem.

    American people while the old way of “storming the fort” was applicable in that day and age to signal revolt, this is modern America’s way, by us staging a “financial revolution”. Not buying into the consumerism that keeps the cycle of abuse going.

    We have no representation, no free press, and no recourse of any kind, except, not spending. So, by golly, we are not spending. It’s practice for when we won’t be able to spend anyway, because the government will end up with every last cent that we ever earn anyway and they just give it away freely to Wall Street as bailouts while they make us beg for help.

    Congress, American government, consider yourself notified. Americans are no longer “buying” the swampland, of buy, buy, buy, or, consume, consume, consume. It is now save, save, save ourselves. Unless you start mailing out checks directly to the American people to help bail us out, to get us through this depression, expect it to go on for as long as it takes, to bring down the system of the elite. You left us no other recourse. We are no longer going along with the program (stimulus, relief, bailout, TARP or whatever you decide to call the next pacification); you heard it, first, from us…

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