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SCGOP Launches Early Movement

January 4, 2011

Well, it is not even a week into “the dawn of this new year” (yeah WTF, is the ghost of Winston Churchill writing letters for Karen Floyd now?) and we have received our first email ask from the party for wait … yeah that’s right, OUR money.  ~SCHotline

The Letter:

Dear Subscriber

At the dawn of this new year, we stand before an amazing opportunity to grow our state’s economy and re-energize our party. Our focus now falls on winning the presidential election in 2012 and building the infrastructure we need here in South Carolina to achieve our conservative goals.

Click the image below to play my video message!

I am asking each and every one of you to please reengage in our conservative movement by volunteering your time or financial resources. Our state desperately needs the commitment of eager individuals with strong ideals. We can achieve all of our ambitious goals this year, but not without your support.

Please click here now to help us make 2011 the best year yet for South Carolina!


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman

P.S. We are resolved to build our party in 2011. Please click here to help us work for you!

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  1. Dean Allen permalink
    January 4, 2011 4:47 PM


    You thought we were all on her E-mail list because we were great insiders she was going to share wonderful plans with or something?

    Give the girl a break, her job is to beg for money, and in retrospect, she has been good at it. Whom ever follows her will probably have a tougher time because I bet there are a lot more poor boys like me on the list than financial bigshots like the late Roger Milliken.

    I do have some advice for the people who replace Karen Floyd and Michael Steele. Make damn sure the newly elected “Republicans” fight like hell and slash government spending at all levels for everything. Otherwise the grassroots will revolt and the “tea parties” so far will look tame. Also, unless most of us see Republicans finally delivering on promises to deconstruct government and get it off our back (and out of our pocket) it will become a total waste of time for the party to ask us for money. It is time now to fish or cut bait. We expect to see some fruits of our efforts in 2010, and will not tolerate excuses.

    Happy New Year!

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