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SC Politics 12/17: Thurmond & Moultrie

December 17, 2010

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Having had their fill of the feigned outrage left and right … the boy’s better known as Thurmond and Moultrie have called it, politically squawking and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Two Borders

Sheheen Rolls Out Reforms [OIG]

>>Better Oversight [OIG]

Palin: Sorry I’m not ‘hoity-toity’

Most Tea Party Members Think Those They Elected Won’t Sell Out, Others Aren’t So Sure

A White Kid’s Dream

What Just Passed?

States urge judge to strike down health-care law

Assignments please Scott

Political season is never over

Aiken Standard: USC’s Gurley may turn pro

American Thinker: Nancy Pelosi: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

FITSNews: Ozmint: Prisons In “Good Hands”

FOXNews: Palin: I Can’t Get Away With Crying Like Boehner

Island Packet: Proposal would put runway extension on faster track

More students take advanced tests; pass rate falls

Michelle Malkin: With border in chaos, J-Nap proclaims “environmental justice” a priority

Post & Courier: Juvenile Justice chief picked to run S.C. prisons

Power Line: The appropiators’ last hurrah

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