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SC Politics 12/16: The spending cliff that Sanford feverishly warned about is here

December 16, 2010

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The spending cliff that Sanford feverishly warned about is here

No Deal on the Tax Deal

Fox News will host two S.C. Republican presidential debates

Carolina Politics Online: 6,488 Earmarks Totaling Nearly $8.3 Billion

Joe Scarborough Calls DeMint “Un-Christlike”

FITSNews: Cut Off Clemson

GOP Blogs Praise Haley’s Staff Picks

The selection of Tim Pearson to serve as Haley’s COS is highly suspect to say the least.  Given what we know about not only his communications with blogger Will Folks but much more troubling are Pearson’s ties to the convicted lobbyist Jim Hirni.  Hirni who has emerged as a fundraiser of sorts for both the SCGOP and governor-elect Nikki Haley and more recently it is reported 2012 presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.  Both Hirni and Pearson have previously worked for Santorum.  Unfortunately, looks like the song remains the same … ~SCHotline


Greenville News: Taylors Fire Department strapped for cash borrows $85,000

The Herald: Again: Police kill 2 pit bulls after officer bitten on arm

The State: Graham, DeMint split on tax-cut vote

Dawson won’t seek GOP post

The Spy: SCGOP On The Brink

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