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SC Politics 12/15: Spending Bill Packed With More Than $8 Billion In Earmarks

December 15, 2010

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Lame-duck watch: Senate approves tax deal, 81-19; Roll call vote added

GOP Hopefuls Reject Tax “Cut” Compromise

FOX News, others reporting it is now pork laden with earmarks such as a 10 million dollar building in PA honoring the dead John Murtha, et cetera …  Having said that we still support any measure keeping dollars out of the federal governments coffers until we have the votes to reduce spending across the board.

Haley Rolls Out Junior Staff

The Only Thing That Will Save Us Now Is Fear Itself

Revolt: Republicans Angry About Omnibus Spending Bill Decry ‘Total Mess’

Tax Deal Is Shaping 2012 GOP Campaign

Anderson Independent: Riley announces 2011 mayoral bid

Oconee County Council approves county-funded spaying/neutering program

Half dozen lose jobs for refusing flu shots at AnMed Health

Carolina Politics Online: The Obama – Republican Tax Compromise is Irresponsible

FITSNews: First SC Presidential Debate Set

This Is A Stick Up!

Ticket Scam Unraveling …

Greenville News: GOP presidential contenders will debate in Greenville

NRO: Anybody but Steele

NewsBusters: Bozell Column: Barbara Walters vs. Sarah Palin

Politico: Poll: Only 13% approve of Congress

Post & Courier: Board refuses deficit

Delegation can learn from mayors

Haley hires include aide to McCain campaign

RedState: Today in Washington – December 15, 2010

SanFran Chronicle: Seven signs that ‘No Labels’ leans left

Herald-Journal: Henderson wins SC House seat in Greer district

The Herald: SC budget board delays deficit decision until Feb.

SCRN: Haley to inherit deficit decisions

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