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Patriot Actionable Item 11/29: Food Safety Modernization Act S510

November 29, 2010

Please Call Senators ask them to  VOTE AGAINST     S 510 FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT

The Dangerous and misnamed “Food Safety Modernization Act S510 is about to be voted on as early as today or this evening.

I have heard from Senator DeMint, who has serious concerns about the consequences of this bill.  If you get a chance, please call and encourage him also.

I do understand that Senator Graham voted against cloture, but we cannot take a chance when this bill comes up for a vote, so please call now.


To reach your Senator or Representative:

Capitol Switchboard:  202 224 3121 ask for your Congressman or Senator

Senator Jim DeMint

Phone 202 224 6121

Senator Lindsey Graham

Phone 202 224 5972

Please call your senators asap!

The Coming Food Dictatorship

Thank you!

Chris Lawton, SCHotline Patriot

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