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SC Politics 11/10: God is great, beer is good and folks in South Carolina are crazy …

November 10, 2010

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Trending: WTF is going on in South Carolina?  We leave for less than a month and now Alvin Greene is running for President, KFlo is resigning after oh-so-much success and amid speculation of federal investigations into the activities of her hand-picked consultants, Darling Nikki wears boys underwear and Will folks is writing a book about something?!?  Well I guess all will be good if my Gamecocks will pull out a can of whoop-ass on those nasty gators …

Media flocking to Tim Scott

DeMint Will Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling

DeMint Faces Fight With Earmark Ban

Floyd Won’t Run Again

GOP chair Floyd won’t seek new term

Boxers, Briefs … Or Boy Shorts?

Haley’s first move is a good one

“What Happens In Salt Lake City …”

South Carolina health plan in trouble

Pelosi enters Clyburn-Hoyer fray

Alvin Greene Has Eyes on White House

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