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SC Politics 11/7: Clyburn: Pelosi has a role in House leadership

November 8, 2010

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Trending: “We were hoping Nikki Haley had gotten the hypocrisy out of her system during her campaign, but apparently she didn’t,” said S.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler. “David Wilkins’ appointment shows South Carolinians that the Haley Administration isn’t going to be the ‘movement’ they were promised. The governor-elect has given the highest position on her team to one of the very same good ol’ boys she campaigned against.”

Clyburn: Pelosi has a role in House leadership

Lawmakers expect to pass much of Haley agenda quickly

Will Republicans Still Push for Independent Redistricting?

Lawmaker’s Son Busted

Wilkins to lead Haley transition team

Minorities Win Big for GOP

“Dumb” Spiro Spero

DeMint says don’t blame tea party for GOP’s failure to take Senate majority

Election fallout: Turnover in top jobs

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