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SC Politics 11/6: Haley Pledges to Work More Better With Legislature

November 6, 2010

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Haley Pledges to Work With Legislature Better Than Sanford

Trending: The newly elected pledge to work together with their respective legislative bodies in order to give “The American People” what they have asked for.  They get it. They understand. Yeah right, maybe today they get it, but what about tomorrow? ~SCHotline

Aiken Standard: Indian-Americans enthusiastic over Haley’s gubernatorial win

Anderson Independent: Arkansas at USC

Opinion: Concentrate on real issues

Greenville News: Workers raise questions about new health law

Obama blamed for Democrats’ losses across South

Island Packet: GOP women to honor essay contest winners

Post & Courier: Haley’s win resonates in Indian community

Clyburn pursues No. 2 post

Olbermann suspended indefinitely

DeMint under fire for Senate losses

The Item: Candidates protest election results

Times & Democrat: City Council opposing tax panel recomendation

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