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SC Politics 10/29: Governor Ken Ard …

October 29, 2010

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Haley Rests Her Case

Sources:  On this Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 South Carolinians will most likely elect Nikki Haley Governor and in doing so make S.C. history.  Unfortunately that may not be the only history that Nikki Haley will make in South Carolina.  Sources tell SCHotline “Haley’s house of cards are gonna fall and quick and then what will you have … you will have Ken Ard.”

Sheheen gets support from 2 more top Republicans

BREAKING: FOXNews confirms “a GUN was used in the SHOOTINGS” in Virginia targeting military facilities #sctweets

Drudge Headlines:



Possible GOP presidential hopefuls in SC

S.C. absentee ballots set midterm record as 81K cast

Clyburn sidesteps earmark debate

Spratt’s Got A Dem Problem?

Gingrich, Santorum differ on DeMint earmark stance

Policy Council criticized

Sheheen has a shot, Fowler says

Candidates seek to put their own stamp on lieutenant governor’s office

Jenny Sanford receives $15,000 for USC speech

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