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SC Politics 10/26: Nikki Haley: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

October 26, 2010

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McMaster/Haley comments at press conference result in Motion for Dismissal in  Rep. Kris Crawford case:

Regarding the case of Rep. Kris Crawford ( R- Florence) who was arrested April 2010 and charged with: Failure to Pay Taxes, File A Return or Keep Records:

Gubernatorial candidate  Nikki Haley pronounces at press conference with Attorney General Henry McMaster at her side that  Rep. Kris Crawford “absolutely ignored the government”

Kris Crawford attorney Celeste Jones states: “Ms.Haley and Crawford Clarkson ( former head of the Dept. of Revenue under Campbell) made statements at the press conference that reflect information not avaliable in the public record but consistent with the internal rhetoric espoused by the DOR and AG’s office.

This was done with Mr. McMaster at their side in an attempt to make Crawford appear guilty and minimize public condemnation of Ms. Haley by saying ‘What ( Kris) Crawford did was totally different’ and McMaster saying ‘if I felt Haley had broken any laws I would not be supporting her in her run for governor’

The staging of these comments by the Attorney General create clear prejudice in the jury pool”.

Crawford Motion [PDF]

Debate Brain Drain

Meanwhile, on the issue of K-12 education, Haley – who has abandoned the real reforms she supported in the past – came up with the whimsical notion that the funding of public school libraries should be farmed out to the private sector as a way to save taxpayers’ money.

Haley: “Have (private corporations) go and start picking up where we need to with libraries,” she said. “This is what we need in our libraries. We need your help. And they would step up.”  – FITSNews

Activists seek ouster of House leadership

Crawford seeks dismissal of case

Haley, Sheheen share priorities, but spar over fixes

Obama: Punish Our Enemies; The Ravings of Our Littlest President

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