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SC Politics 10/14: Either Will Folks is right or crazy

October 14, 2010

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Trending: Nikki Haley is a LIAR, Will Folks stock is rising and speculation on major outing in a new book deal still exists, outside sources say conservatives in general are disgusted, Haley factor is becoming the ‘revulsion factor’ … stay tuned for more displeasing news du jour and discussion and if you feel so inclined… Give us your thoughts.

Either Will Folks is right or crazy

Developing: Michael Haley Hires Columbia Attorney…  Rep. Mike Pitts draft for speaker is in play…  Media & Political Insiders: Nobody believes Nikki Haley, support failing… SCGOP treading…

Haley Won’t Sign Affidavit

Tea Party GOP leaders allege intraparty spying

Folks offers affidavit, Haley none on affair claims

Will Folks Resurfaces Claims of Physical Encounters with Nikki Haley

Town Council OKs immigration law

Blogger Details Alleged Affair With Haley

Republicans allege intraparty spying

Aiken Standard: Myrtle Beach to flash digital billboards

FITSNews: (Girl) Fight For Control

Greenville News: Taylors struggles with $84,500 budget shortfall

Post & Courier: Charleston facing $6M shortfall

Candidate forum to be held tonight

City of Charleston refinances bond

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