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Rich Bolen: Cindy Mosteller’s hatchet job on Rep. Nikki Haley

September 28, 2010

Guest Columnist, Rich Bolen – Chairman, Lexington County Republican Party

The purpose of Mrs. Mostellar’s September 22nd piece is unclear, but no possible benevolent objective or outcome can be ascribed to it.

In the third paragraph she emphatically claims “As a former vice chairman of the state Republican Party, my political hemoglobin runs iron-strong red.”  She then proceeds to pen a hit piece on the Republican nominee for Governor.  This is similar to someone who prefaces their scandalous recitation of juicy story with the disclaimer “I’m a Christian and I would never spread gossip but let me tell you …”

In fact Mrs. Mosteller’s Republican bone fides are irrelevant to the story unless she is trying to bolster the significance of her accusations by the fact they are coming from someone who should be one of the nominee’s supporters.  Her comments seem to betray a certain nagging guilt about writing an article that can only hurt her own party especially since it is so unnecessary.  If her assertions are so vital to the good of the state then it doesn’t matter that she is a former vice chairman.  The truth of her comments would be just as valid if she had just landed from outer space or Democrat headquarters but that may be redundant.

It is also telling that she publishes these concerns after the primary and even after the runoff elections when the only effect they could have is to help the Democrat nominee.   There would be nothing suspect about her efforts if she voiced her concerns in May or early June but to do so at the end of September seems to demonstrate a personal animus and petulance even to the point of sacrificing the success of the party for her own personal vendetta.  This is also known as spite.

As to the substance of the allegations made by Mrs. Mosteller they are hardly worth addressing by me or other dependable Republicans, least of all Nikki Haley.  Even if every allegation made by Mrs. Mosteller was true to the last detail, which they certainly are not, they would have virtually no bearing on which candidate would be a better Governor or who would lead us toward the objectives Mrs. Mosteller presumably embraces as an “iron-strong red political hemoglobin” Republican.

Mrs. Mosteller’s whole article seems to be a sop to the Sheheen campaign, but to what end?  Can Mrs. Mosteller stand to gain some advantage if Sen. Sheheen wins or is her personal animosity toward Rep. Haley so virulent as to compromise her commitment to the party she has served so well and presumably still does?

It is possible that she truly believes that Rep. Haley is not the person for the job of Governor but unfortunately for her the only other realistic choice for Governor is Sen. Vincent Sheheen.  Her missive serves no benefit for anyone but Democrats.  For a Republican who has been involved in many political battles, an article like hers at this time demonstrates a great lack of judgment and shortsightedness on her part.  Fortunately the voters will see through this petty assault and elect Nikki Haley Governor on November 2nd and I am confident Governor Haley will be much more gracious then Cyndi Mosteller has been.

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