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US Politics 9/22: American history for dummies, by dummies

September 22, 2010

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American history for dummies, by dummies

Why Democrats are pushing a series of bills doomed to fail

DREAM Act dies with rejection of defense bill

2010 is year of GOP women candidates

ABCNews: White House Reacts to (NYT Report About) Woodward Book

American Thinker: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Proceed with Caution

The Federal Takeover of Education

The Obama Agenda and the New Global Elite

AP: Dems’ plea to core voters: We need you fired up

POLITICAL INSIDER: Kirk ducks ‘mob banker’ hit

Lawsuit seeks refund of GOP Crist donations

Big Journalism: The Democrat-SEIU-Media Corruption That Will Make Milwaukee Famous

The MSM’s Arrant Hypocrisy Concerning Food vs. Fuel

CNN: TRENDING: No more national media interviews, O’Donnell says

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