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US Politics 9.7: Bad Economic Medicine Begets Bad Economic Times

September 7, 2010

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Bad Economic Medicine Begets Bad Economic Times

Voter rolls: We see dead people. Does the DOJ?

Stu Rothenberg predicts 37-42 House seat gain for GOP

School Built on Toxic Site Named for Al Gore

ABCNews: Desert Firestorm: The Nevada Senate Race Heats Up

Tea Party’s Next Target? Delaware GOPer

Matalin: 90% Chance GOP Takes Both House and Senate

American Thinker: The Answer Is, ‘No’

Obama’s War On Arizona

The Most Profound Victims of the Obama Hoax

AP: Rep. Frank faces town hall foe in Mass. primary

Sheer number, sour economy favor GOP in govs races

Big Journalism: The Decline and Fall of Time Magazine: This Week’s Anti-Semitic Cover

CNN: Republican Jewish Coalition takes aim at Hagel, Sestak

Republicans highlight ‘summer of failure’

Malkin: Voter rolls: We see dead people. Does the DOJ?

NRO: America Wants School Reform

Mary Jo Kilroy, Socialist Revolutionary

NewsBusters: NB Bonus: Obnoxious Liberal Quotes that Couldn’t Fit in Our Labor Day Edition

Politico: Congress outsourcing ethics work

Gore school built on toxic soil

Dems launch $2M pro-reform blitz

New polls point to tsunami

Real Clear Politics: Leadership Scenarios Abound for the Next Congress

Regulators to Draft Major Financial Rules This Month

Wisconsin an Unlikely Battleground

Too Late for ‘Pivot’ to Economy?

Obama’s Old Seat Up for Grabs

Obama’s Foreign Policy Has Failed

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