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U.S. Politics 9/4-9/5 Rubio’s father dies

September 5, 2010

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Rubio’s father dies

Big Labor’s Legacy of Violence

The West is Projecting Weakness, Uncertainty, & Fear

Make-Believe Media Finally Catching a Clue about the Tea Party

ABCNews: Poll Shows Waning Support for Congressional Democrats

‘Recovery Summer’ Comes to an End

American Thinker: Enlisted Marine’s Candidacy Unique, Important

Paris Video Shows The Future of Ground Zero

AP: Obama seeks to shore up support for Wis. Democrats

Official: Obama backing research tax credits

Speaker-in-waiting Boehner balances GOP factions

Nevada GOP candidate faces copyright lawsuit

Dems’ prospects threatened by economic woes

Big Journalism: Must-Read of the Day: Andy McCarthy on Saul Alinsky

CNN: CNN 100: Democrats are looking for an upset in Palm Springs

Critics decry the Oval Office makeover

FOXNews: Obama to Propose $100B R&D Tax Credit

Republican New School Flexes Clout

Michelle Malkin: Move-Out Day for Sarah Palin’s Creepy-Stalker-Guy Neighbor

Obama Doesn’t Regret Calling it ‘Recovery Summer’ — And Why Should He?

NRO: The President’s Stem-Cell Dollars and the Judge’s Rebuke

Big Labor’s Legacy of Violence

NewsBusters: CBS’s Harry Smith on Face the Nation: No Time to ‘Continue Cutting Taxes,’ So ‘What About, Say, Something Like a New WPA?’

Tom Friedman Rips Obama: ‘Completely Over-read Mandate…Never Seen Worse Communicating Administration’

Politico: Summers’ tough words for China

Blair: Iraq war was necessary

Small business prods Senate

Obama’s biological countermeasures

Dems run away from health care

Latest mosque issue: The money trail

Power Line: Beinart bashed

Al Qaeda weak, but America fights

Lesson learned?

Real Clear Politics: Democrats Shrink From Health Care

The Scarlet ‘D’

The West is Projecting Weakness, Uncertainty, & Fear

Is Crist’s “Flexibility” Becoming a Liability?

Obama Comes to Wisconsin, Feingold Disappears

Is America “Islamophobic?” Dream On

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