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US Politics 8.21: Once Again, Pageant Queen Outsmarts President

August 21, 2010

Updating … 7:52 AM

Once Again, Pageant Queen Outsmarts President

Obama’s mosque moment frustrates Dems

Hospitals vs. ObamaCare: Care to Guess Who’s in the Middle?

ABCNews: What’s Up With the 1 in 5 Americans Who Think the President’s Muslim?

‘Top Line’ – GOP Gaining Ground in 2010 Races

VP Biden: Democrats Will Keep Control of Congress This Fall

American Thinker: Hospitals vs. ObamaCare: Care to Guess Who’s in the Middle?

National Education Association Selling its Saul

California: New Is Not Necessarily Improved

AP: Democrats hold financial advantage over GOP

Report: Iran needs year to develop nuclear weapon

Big Journalism: Report: ‘Wikileaks’ Founder Charged with Rape in Sweden

The Decline and Fall of the Washington Post: Sally Quinn

CNN: Palins help Miller’s final fundraising push

White House: Graham entitled to his own opinion

FOXNews: Fuel Shipments Arrive at Iran’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Michelle Malkin: Indiana Congressman Leads the Pack of Dems Distancing Themselves From Obama & Pelosi

NRO: Ray Bradbury at 90

Which Islam Will Prevail in America?

NewsBusters: Susan Estrich: Oops! I Commented on the Wrong Mosque

Politico: Obama’s mosque moment frustrates Dems

Rove-tied group raises $2 million

NRCC raises more than Dems in July

Power Line: Life lessons from Zoltan Mesko

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