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US Politics 8.20: More on the Muslim Thing

August 20, 2010

Updating … 4:28 AM

More on the Muslim Thing

Obama has himself to blame for Muslim problem

Obama and the Muslims

Another go at Blago?

ABCNews: George’s Must-Reads: Israel and Palestine Back to Negotiations?

American Thinker: The Nexus between Liberals and Racists

The Economy Must Change

AP: Dems see cause for hope in tough election season

Nuke waste dump plays role in races outside Nevada

Big Journalism: Great Moments in Political Bedfellows: Hamas-Supporting Code Pink Honcho Hosting Jerry Brown Fundraiser


CNN: POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, August 20, 2010

Congress Blog: The incremental Islamization of America

A milestone for freedom in Iraq, but more challenges ahead (Rep. John Boehner)

FOXNews: Cops Bust Craigslist Prostitute Ring in Philly

Michelle Malkin: Help AP Writers Find a Substitute Phrase for ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ — Update: Rep. Grayson Offers Suggestions

NRO: Obama and the Muslims

D.C. Democrats: Clueless, Condescending, and Costly

NewsBusters: CNN’s Jack Cafferty Openly Criticizes Mosque Developers

Politico: Endangered Dems stay quiet on key votes

W.H.: Obama ‘a devout Christian’

W.H. slammed for rosy Gulf view

John McCain, Twitter genius

Power Line: Early Warning: A word from Michael Walsh

Real Clear Politics: WH’s Low Key Response to Pakistan Floods

Populism Not Enough for Obama

Our Lecturer in Chief

Wa Times: As job losses rise, rebound from recession called ‘anemic’

Wa Examiner: Obama has himself to blame for Muslim problem

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