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US Politics 8.19: The most powerful Republican in politics

August 19, 2010

Updating … 7:15 AM

The most powerful Republican in politics

Poll: Growing number incorrectly call Obama Muslim

Obama Worse Than Carter

The Pelosi Zone

The GOP’s Lost Brand

American Thinker: Michelle’s Flawed Crusade

AP: CIA forms new center to combat nukes, WMDs

FACT CHECK: Islam already lives near ground zero

Big Goverment: Happy Cost of Government Day

Big Journalism: Morning Thread: The Ground Zero Mosque, Because We Remember

MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell Equates Opponents of Mosque with 9/11 Terrorists

CNN: Poll: One-third of Americans say Obama is Christian

Congress Blog: Show-me State has its voice heard on Obamacare

Lying to America: Stolen Valor Act must be restored

FoxNews: Unguarded Border Bridges Route into U.S.?

Mexico Under Siege as Drug Violence Mounts

Michelle Malkin: Ground Zero Mosque Supporters Beg Greedy, Lying, Human Rights Violating War Criminal to Join Their Crusade

NRO: You’ll Get Served

Progressive Lessons and the Tea-Party Takeover

NewsBusters: Scarborough: ‘Certain Networks’ Would Maul ‘Boss Hog’ Barbour In Run Against Obama

Politico: 31% in GOP believe Obama Muslim

The most powerful Republican in politics

Corruption at issue in N.M. gov race

Four cheers for Blago!

Power Line: The Pelosi Zone

Real Clear Politics: Democrats Face Fight on Mortgage-Finance Overhaul

Republicans More Inclined to Attack Obama Directly

Virginia Democrats Vulnerable to GOP Attack

Doubling Down On Failed Obamanomics?

Obama Takes Aim at Republicans

RedState: Morning Briefing for August 19, 2010

The American Spectator: The Separation of Islamophilia from State

Worse Than Carter

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