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SC Politics 8.19: Will the real Nikki Haley please stand up?

August 19, 2010

Updating … 7:15 AM

Rod Shealy, Sr. (December 22, 1953 – August 18, 2010)

Will the real Nikki Haley please stand up?

SC political consultant Rod Shealy dies at age 56

Local political institution Shealy dies

FITSNews: Rod Shealy, RIP

Greenville News: Sheheen, Haley trade jabs over education, immigration

New rules designed to ensure competency of tax preparers

State getting help to monitor health insurance premium increases

No felony obscenity convictions statewide in last two years

84 textile jobs coming with help from Italian company

Island Packet: Texas tournament lands Heritage’s traditional week after Masters

An open mayoral seat invites a bumper crop of candidates in Hilton Head

Elected officials plan a forum to inform the public of illegal immigration laws

School board: Lobbyists made progress toward changing state funding formula

Post & Courier: Golfer SCOREs with business idea

Controversial political consultant Shealy dies

Sheheen blasts Haley on vouchers

Groce enters crowded race

Chas. County to tweet, Facebook

Details hard to find at S.C. State

Day in court: Mom’s attorney says there are ‘mitigating circumstances’

Savings touted in merger proposal

North Charleston holds rail talks

County Council kills roadway plan

Free-Times: Sheheen Answers 10 Questions

Chas City Paper: But our leaders always like the past better anyway

Herald-Journal: Sanford signs abortion delay bill, gives pro-lifers a win

The Herald: The ultimate act of betrayal … again

Sheheen vows to veto vouchers

S.C. publisher, political consultant Rod Shealy

The Item: Sumter 17 keeps wary eye on education jobs funding

Bishopville council approves seeking $25,000 grant

Sumter 2 board picks new officers

The State: SC’s DeMint joins Mulvaney on campaign trail

SC officials discuss merging prisons, parole dept.

DeMint has the Midas touch

The Sun News: Sheheen event focuses on education stance

Missing millions in flux at S.C. State

Consultant Shealy dies at 56

Times & Democrat: Toddlers’ deaths spur mixed emotions

SCRN: Committee discusses merging prison system, probation and parole services (AUDIO)

Sheheen introduces education agenda (AUDIO)

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