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US Politics 8.11: Prager: Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites

August 11, 2010

Updating … 1:22 PM

Prager: Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites

The Livable Communities Act

Culture of entitlement: The Section 8 housing mob scene

Dayton’s millions: Just enough

ABCNews: ‘Carpet Bombing’ with Ads? Minnesota Campaign Tests New Freedoms on Spending

Congress Comes Back To Work, Take Two? Senate Could Clear Border Security Bill This Week

Primary Roundup – 4 Takeaways

American Thinker: Cambridge City Council to MIT: Halt Layoffs

WikiLeaks and the Geneva Convention

Joe Biden and Other Obstacles to Preventive Sick Care

AP: Paul apologizes for disparaging church picnic

Clinton predicts GOP support for nuke arms treaty

McMahon to spend whatever necessary in Connecticut

Bennet hedges on Obama role in election campaign

Big Journalism: Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher’s Failed Defense of the ‘N-Word’ Lie Dismantled

Annals of Journalism Open Thread: Walter Cronkite

CNN: Hill titan Dan Rostenkowski dead at 82

Americans split on changing 14th Amendment

Congress Blog: Senate delays put national security at risk

FOXNews: URGENT: Ex-Illinois Rep. Rostenkowski Dies

Al Gore’s Next Nightmare?

Dan Quayle’s Kid Denies Doin’ ‘The Dirty’

Michelle Malkin: Summer of corruption: Blago verdict watch & Jesse Jackson, Jr. watch; Update: Jury wants “clarification”

All of Al Gore’s Chakras Release on ‘Right Wing Media’

NRO: Memo to Republicans: It’s Big Government, Stupid! — By: Michael Tanner

Obama’s Imperial Presidency — By: Bill McCollum

NewsBusters: Top Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett, Vanity Fair Editor Pine for Days of ‘Responsible’ Media

Mohammed-Phobic Comedy Central Lectures Conservatives About Religious Liberty? Jon Stewart’s Actually That Shameless

Politico: Handel concedes to Deal

Reid stays firm on Hispanic comment

Hispanic media take on Obama

Power Line: Dirty Work

Early Returns

Real Clear Politics: Hispanic Media Turns on Obama

South Carolina Takes Stimulus Money

Texas GOP Mulls Options Over Bill’s Mandate

Memo to GOP: Avoid Culture War Trap

RedState: Battleground Senate Poll

Morning Briefing for August 10, 2010

The American Spectator: Peak Obama

America the Generous

The Republican Strategist of 2010

The Hill: You want Obama’s endorsement? Then first, you have to ask him for it

Reid sets 2-part Senate lame-duck session that will start on Nov. 15

Wa Times: Bennet survives, Buck wins in Colorado

McMahon pins down primary win

Wa Examiner: Defiant Rangel won’t resign but apologizes

Special interests undermine the public interest

Gibbs retreats after calling liberals ‘crazy’

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