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US Politics 8.5: More on Senate Dems’ vote to let taxes increase

August 5, 2010

Updating … 8:30 AM


More on Senate Dems’ vote to let taxes increase

Barack Obama’s plan for Iran

What Missouri showed me

Angle: Democrats want to ‘make government our God’

The Education Gimmick of the Year Club Strikes Again

The Missouri Health Care Vote

Black Political Activists: Tea Party ‘Not Racist’

How to spot a lying politician

Sarah Palin Talks Tough on Immigration

GM donates $41,000 to lawmakers’ pet projects


UPDATE: Court overturns California gay marriage ban…

ABCNews: WATCH: Will Obama’s Old Ill. Senate Seat Go to a Republican?

The Note’s Must-Reads for Thursday, August 05, 2010

American Thinker: Another Silly Education Fad

The Renewable Electricity Standard is a Hoax, a Fraud, and a Rip-Off

AP: Prognosis guarded for Medicare and Social Security

Missouri vote puts health care back in crosshairs

Big Journalism: Letterman on O’Reilly: ‘I Don’t Think You Can Be As Smart As He Is and Actually Believe What He Believes’

U.S. District Court Overturns Prop 8; CNN Reports

CNN: Brown to oppose Kagan for high court

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Thursday, August 5, 2010

Congress Blog: The Big Question: Will breaking off recess help Dems this fall?

Bailing out ‘the smartest guys in the room’

FOXNews: Senate Hopeful’s Ad Hits Below the Belt

Will Israel Bomb Iran This Month?

Michelle Malkin: What Things Would Mayor Bloomberg Oppose Being Constructed Near Ground Zero?

NRO: Judge Walker’s Phony Facts — By: The Editors

No on Kagan — By: Newt Gingrich

NewsBusters: Today Show Invites on Rolling Stone Reporter to Complain About Pentagon Ban

WaPo Highlights ‘Local Opinion’ Politicizing Nun’s Death in Favor of ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’

Power Line: A demotion for Nancy Pelosi? Part Three – Michigan

What Missouri showed me

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