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US Politics 8.2: Bank-Hating Maxine Waters Charged With Improperly Steering Federal Funds to Bank

August 2, 2010

Updating … 9:29 AM

“The people who are loudest in condemning the choices of others are trying to drown out their own bad behavior. Today, Maxine Waters, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, one who in the past few years has distinguished herself by being especially combative with representatives of the banking industry, was charged by the House Ethics Committee with improperly steering $12 million in federal funding … to a bank.”

Sarah Palin: Jan Brewer Has Something President Obama Doesn’t

The War on Terror at the Mexican Border

ABCNews: Obama, Dems Confront Changed Map in 2010

Democrats Keep Distance From Each Other

American Thinker: Shirley Sherrod and the Race Grievance Industry

Big Journalism: Shame of a Nation: Make-Believe Media ignores Wikileaks’ White House Dialogue

Weiner Explodes, Expresses ‘the Nation’s Frustration’ With the You-Know-Whos in Congress!

CNN: CNN 100: Iraq vet, GOP incumbent battle for Dem-friendly Pennsylvania 6th

Poll: Wyoming and Mississippi reddest of the red states

Congress Blog: The Colombia free trade pact is bad policy

‘Sanctuary cities’: A double standard on immigration (Rep. Charlie Dent)

FOXNews: 92 Days to Decide: GOP Leaders Add Rangel Charges to Campaign Arsenal; Focus on Jobs

Obama: U.S. Commitment in Iraq Is Shifting

Michelle Malkin: Fox News to the Front Row

NRO: Fix the Treaty — By: NRO Staff

Losing Turkey to the Islamists — By: Barbara Lerner

NewsBusters: Open Thread: Michelle Rhee Shakes Up DC Public Schools

Unrepentant Weiner: People at Fox News ‘Make Millions Acting Angry When They’re Not’

Politico: Obama heralds end of Iraq combat

The numbers that matter most

Dems still taking aim at Bush

Power Line: A demotion for Nancy Pelosi? Part Two-Arkansas

Miss Universe Controversy Begins

RCP: Self-Imposed GOP Moratorium Leads to Drop in Earmarks

PACs Split the Difference Between Parties

Obama’s Court Appointees Bogged Down By Senate GOP

Democrats Confront Changed Map in 2010

Why Obama’s Policies are Bad for Business

The Death of Cap and Tax

Hamas’s Violent Message

RedState: The NRCC’s Big Board

Morning Briefing for August 2, 2010

The American Spectator: Obama’s Immigration Power Play

Troubled Waters

We Need a Mexican Standoff on Cap and Trade

The Hill: Sessions predicts ‘slightly over 40’ House seats gained by the GOP

Senate candidates avoid giving views on Kagan nomination

Wa Times: GOP sees winning call in tax break for all

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