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US Politics 7.29: DeMint announces endorsement of Rossi for WA Senate

July 29, 2010

Updating … 8:33 PM

DeMint announces endorsement of Rossi for WA Senate

“I don’t know who Snookie is.”

— President Obama speaking this morning at the National Urban League.


AP IMPACT: Before the CIA, there was the Pond

Charlie Cuts A Deal?

USA Today Gleefully Reports on Social Workers Stacking Democrat Votes

The Treaty Is MAD — By: Jim DeMint

Diane von Furstenberg Designs Limited Edition Nancy Pelosi Tote Bag

Detaining Arizona — By: The Editors

ABCNews: WATCH: AZ Sheriff: ‘We Are Going To Be Out There’

Maxine Waters: Sherrod Tape “Planted By The Enemy”

American Thinker: The Unhealthy Motivations of Liberals

The Left and Its Talking Points

Carbon Cronyism: Why Cap-and-Trade Is Not Dead Yet

AP: Dems election strategy: Equate GOP and tea party

Gulf spill lacks societal punch of Santa Barbara

WikiLeaks fallout: Tighter access to US secrets?

Big Journalism: The Continuing MSNBC Crackup: ‘You’re a Hopeless Right-Winger’

Shirley Sherrod Got Her Reputation Back, Who Will Apologize to Tea Party?

CNN: DNC doles out $2.5 million

Obama urges GOP to back bill aiding small businesses

Congress Blog: Bring accountability back to the Senate (Sen. Tom Udall)

Restore America’s pride in its manufacturing (Rep. Steny Hoyer)

Truth in Spending Act would force Congress to live by financial forecasts (Reps. …

FOXNews: Arizona Immigration Law Ruling Ignites Political Firestorm

Oil’s Stopped, How to Clean Up the Mess?

No Last Minute Deals for Rangel

NRO: One Month after McDonald — By: David Rittgers

Detaining Arizona — By: The Editors

NewsBusters: Coulter Disputes Behar’s Claims of Tea Party Racism, Suggests Questions for Obama

WikiLeaks’ Assange Tells FNC’s Napolitano He Offered Docs to Unresponsive White House ‘Weeks’ Before Release

Politico: The cash-for-speaker program

Obama rolls up sleeves to raise cash

$250M in earmarks to Shelby’s ex-aides

Dems lament a House divided

Power Line: The Arizona immigration case ruling — my first take

Silence of the Sheep

TNR: Americans’ Shifting Ideologies Threaten Dems

WSJ: Taxes: A Defining Issue

Roll Call: Big GOP Gains Weren’t Always Inevitable

Washington Post: The Politics of Stupidity

Majority of spilled oil in Gulf of Mexico unaccounted for in government data

RCP: Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress?

RedState: Sharron Angle is in a Good Position Against Harry Reid

The American Spectator: The Timeless Principles of American Prosperity

The Democrats’ Redistricting Nightmare

Washington Times: Democrats set to spend millions on ads

GOP to Sebelius: Don’t cover abortions

Congress eases gap on cocaine sentencing

Wa Examiner: Dems face embarrassment from Rangel corruption charges

Sarah Palin shows the limits of womanly wisdom

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