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US Politics 7/22: Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated

July 22, 2010

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Updating … 8:56 AM

Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated

Hello, I’m a Racist, Pleased to Meet You

The scandal that wasn’t

The Character of Unemployment

ABCNews: Sherrod: Obama ‘Not Someone Who Has Experienced What I Have Experienced Through Life’

Shirley Sherrod: ‘I Can’t Say That the President Is Fully Behind Me’

Must-Reads: How Low Can Obama’s Numbers Go?

American Thinker: Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

What the NAACP/Tea Party Battle is Really About

Of Course Obama’s a Socialist

AP: Obama to sign ‘improper payments’ legislation

Midterm politicking hovers over economic decisions

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Oil panel’s web of interests

Big Journalism: Correction Request: Media Matters For America Incorrectly Labels Two Full Video Excerpts as ‘Heavily Edited’

CNN: TRENDING: Bill Clinton ahead of Obama, says poll

Sherrod offered new job, but says she is not so sure

Congress Blog: Sherrod’s knoledge is unmatched (Rep. Sanford Bishop)

They talk, we listen (Rep. Paul Broun)

FOXNews: Ariz. Immigration Law Court Battle Begins

Has Obama’s ‘Race tothe Top’ Lost its Shine?

Michelle Malkin: Pushing back: Thousands of Obama’s drilling moratorium victims rally in La.

NRO: The Common Core Curriculum — By: NRO Staff

NewsBusters: L’Affaire Sherrod: Quick Question Crumbles Capehart’s White House Cover

Daily Caller Runs Pieces of Obama Election Glee from JournoList, Plus One Call for Violence

Olbermann: Sherrod was ‘Assassinated by Fox News and That Scum Breitbart’

Politico: The Tucker and Breitbart show

Obama’s words sting CEOs

Palin is at the top of her party

FEC numbers offer election intel

Powerline: The scandal that wasn’t

The shafting of Shirley Sherrod

WSJ: Why the Democrats Are in Disarray

More Democrats Call For Keeping Bush Tax Cuts

CQ Politics: GOP Trumpets 430 Candidates on Fall Ballots

AOLNews: We’re Headed Toward an Entitlement Society

The American Spectator: The Natural Gas Man

As Easy As A to Z

The Character of Unemployment

Washington Times: Lawmaker pushes Holder on ‘sanctuary cities’

Boehner set to ‘listen’ to tea party members

Political Scene

USA Today: Welfare agencies boost voters

USDA case puts new twist on racial politics

Wa Examiner: Republicans struggling with 2010 agenda

Republicans need to show beef or they’ll get the hoof




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