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I Discriminate

July 14, 2010

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I Discriminate

Discriminating people would assume this idiot is a leftist.

I Discriminate
Nancy Morgan
July 13, 2010

I discriminate. All the time. When I see black teenagers with gang tats coming towards me, I’ll move to the other side of the street. Now if they were carrying Bibles, I might not be as worried.

If I play backgammon with an Asian, I use different tactics than I would with say, an Irishman. Experience has taught me that Asians excel in math and I adopt my tactics accordingly.

If I am going to pick a winner on Dancing With Stars, I’ll pick the black couple, hands down. As a rule, blacks just dance better than whites. (Can I say that?)

If I need to hire someone to do yard work, I’ll choose a Mexican laborer over a welfare recipient any day. Experience has taught me that Mexicans, both legal and illegal, have a better work ethic than do those who rely on welfare.

Not a day goes by that I don’t discriminate. The left calls this racism. I call it survival.
To ignore years of life experience in favor of government mandated political correctness is the height of folly. No-one has the right to legislate morality. And no-one has the right to demand that I believe the leftists’ mantra that all cultures and people are equal. That’s just plain stupid.

People in the U.S. are born equal. The decisions they make throughout their lives, however, result in far different outcomes. Some decide to spend their lives pursuing a free lunch, while some decide to become productive members of society. In my book, that means the one who contributes to society has more value than the one that doesn’t. They are not equal.

The American culture beats the Arab culture hands down. At least for females. And the culture in my little neighborhood in Murrells Inlet most assuredly trumps the culture in most inner cities. By any measure. That’s just reality.

I personally don’t care for deadbeats. I choose not to associate with them. I also don’t care to associate with feminists, global warming idiots and race baiters. Experience has taught me that I just don’t do well when confronted with useful idiots. It’s a choice I choose to make. It’s discrimination.

For leftists to insist that I ignore cultural and personal differences, to insist that I adhere to their ever-changing version of reality, is akin to asking me to believe that white is black. America is still based on individual freedom. That includes the freedom to decide for myself. It’s called “having an opinion.”

Why should I agree to suspend my own judgement in favor of a mealy-mouthed platitude whose main purpose is to confer faux moral superiority on any useful idiot who opts to parrott the politically correct soundbite of the day?

Discrimination is a survival tool. It’s wisdom, not discrimination, to learn from past experiences. And to apply that knowledge in everyday choices.

Since I acknowledge that there are differences between different races, I guess I’m also a racist. Believe it or not, we all are. Hey, I wouldn’t put an Asian with a mathematics degree on the basketball court. But according to the left, that means I am “profiling.” Color me guilty.

I admit it. I profile people based on their race and appearance.

Somehow, it just doesn’t sink in that a young skinhead sporting a Nazi tattoo is the equal of say, Thomas Sowell. Based on the skinhead’s appearance, I form conclusions about him. The conclusions may be wrong, but I’m not going to bet on it. And I’m not going to invite to dinner the black guy I saw on TV dressed in military gear telling everyone to kill white babies. Life experience has taught me that he is an ignorant racist who banks on our new “culture of equality” to shield him from being held accountable for his hateful rhetoric. In my opinion, he’s just trash.

When I see an obese 29 year-old mother of six living on welfare, I make assumptions. When I see a Christian man with two jobs and six children, I also make assumptions. I choose not to believe that the obese mother is a victim of a male dominated patriarchal society. I choose to, gasp, judge her.

She was born with the same rights as I, and she, like everyone else past the age of 20, is a product of the choices they have made. Choices that all of us are picking up the tab for. (How equal is that?)

The mantra that all people and cultures are equal is a dangerous fallacy. Throughout history, countries that are free are not equal, and countries that are equal are not free. Again, it comes down to choice. I choose to live in a country where I am free to discriminate and judge people myself instead of being forced to adhere to the leftist illusion that we’re all equal. That’s just plain stupid. And dangerous.

Nancy Morgan is a clumnist and news editor for conservative news site
She lives in South Carolina

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  1. July 15, 2010 12:57 PM

    “She was born with the same rights as I.”
    “People in the U.S. are born equal.”

    And that’s where your point gets completely lost. Do you treat everyone the same? Obviously not from this article, so how can you assume that it is only our personal choices that differentiate us? Discrimination and privilege changes our opportunities and puts us on unequal standing. When you choose from your narrow, privileged POV that I am not deserving of being treated as a human being, I’m denied my rights – not by my own choice, but by yours. That makes us inherently unequal.

  2. July 19, 2010 4:24 AM

    Whoa, reader DK (don’t know?) is on shifting sand. By demanding a perfect, blind-to-the-facts equality, he is in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The most radical political document ever written was the Declaration of Independence, but it only declares equality in the sight of God and the law. This equality is based on a belief in God and from it flows the necessity of consent. Those who insist on absolute equality, usually want to throw out the Declaration because it is based on reality and they want POWER. That the power will be used to grant us something no one can deliver – the dream of absolute equality. The demand is just a rallying
    cry for” progressives” seeking to overthrow the last best hope for mankind. To “advance” to their “progressive” heaven, we are asked to take a giant step backward! Let’s don’t go there…

  3. July 20, 2010 12:28 PM

    No, discriminating and denying equal rights because of your own prejudices is about power. Demanding to be treated as an equal is not. You are not special and do not deserve your privilege.

  4. Christina Jeffrey permalink
    August 24, 2010 10:21 AM

    My privileges are these – and you probably distain them: being born Christian, being born here in the U.S.A., being born of concerned, hardworking, Christian parents and having the God-given ability (and good character) to take all these privileges and live up to them. However, as the secular world judges, my privileges are few: my teaching jobs (the only paying jobs I have) pay me about $100.00 per week (that is, less than unemployment); my husband is a conservative academic, like me, and the privilege of holding politically incorrect positions, even though we do not teach our positions in the classroom, has cost us dearly. But we do not demand equality with anyone, only equal rights under the law. That right was the great achievement of this American experiment, and one that can be thrown away reaching for the dream of metaphysically perfect equality. (Aristotle, you know, dealt with this possibility about 2400 years ago).

    Just one example of what I speak: Marcuse says Freedom of Speech must be curtailed until all have the same amount of free speech. You know when that will be! Meanwhile, those who demand what you demand, also demand that my freedom of speech be curtailed. Et. tu, DK?

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