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US Politics 7/11: Big Question: Should Congress vote for the DREAM Act?

July 11, 2010

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Last Update … 7:42 AM

Waiting to thump the Democrats

Featured: Bank Bailout Is Potent Issue for Both Parties in Fall Races

The Big Question: Should Congress vote for the DREAM Act?

Obama economy sends Americans to their mattresses

How Obama Stole The Election: We Will Not Be Silenced, A Film By Gigi Gaston

ABCNews Obama in Vegas: Stimulus Gamble Paid Off Big

Biden Jokes: Not My Idea to Swap Spy Babe

Byrd Successor Could Be Elected This Year

GOP Sotomayor Backers Unclear on Kagan

American Thinker: Magical Education and the Slide into Third-Worldism

Corrupting Hatred

Crimes of the NY Times

Raising Your Indirect Taxes

AP: Kennedy’s clout could grow on high court

Duncan: Congress needs to act now on school money

FOXNews: Cops Nab ‘Barefoot Bandit’ in Bahamas

BP May Sell Alaskan Oil Field to Help Pay for Gulf

Struggling States Seek Aid Money From Gov’t

Michelle Malkin: Bomb Injures Wife of Oil Exec; Obviously the Work of Those Darn Tea Partiers

Bill Clinton Officiates Weiner Wedding

NRO: Friedman’s Fantasies Are Dangerous & Arrogant

The World Cup Abuse Nightmare

Glenn Beck in Person

Three Cheers for Politics

NewsBusters: PolitiFact Catches Keith Olbermann In Another Significant Error

WaPo Writer Attempts to Kickstart New ‘Grassroots’ Coffee Party Via Another Name

Chris Matthews Calls George W. Bush and Sarah Palin ‘Know-Nothings’

Politico: Liberals analyze their Obama ‘despair’

Sunday talk show tip sheet

Obama can’t shake gay-rights fights

Vitter challenger emerges at 11th hour

Dems vote to keep early primaries

Landrieu: Fed agency needed for Gulf

Real Clear Politics: Ruling on Gay Marriage Stirs States’ Rights Debate

WSJ: Census Countdown Brings Fears of Exclusion

Too Rich to Live: Congress Incentivizes Death

The Hill: Tax Report Rehashes HC Cost Effectiveness Debate

Newsweek: Inside the GOP, a Shadow Battle for Control

New Ledger: David Brooks and Liberal Despair

RedState: Levi Johnston, The Liar: Are His 15 Minutes of Fame Finally Up?

This is What Karma Looks Like: Alvin Greene Cleared

The American Spectator: The Truth About Illegals

Hiding Behind U.S. Law

Mexico Unmasked

The Daily Beast: Scientists Compare Obama to Bush

Black Voters Ambivalent on Midterms

Limbaugh Agrees with Liberal Elite?

Arizona Hit with Seventh Lawsuit

Wa Examiner: Obama economy sends Americans to their mattresses


Missouri race will test Obama’s midterm strategy

NASA’s Muslim outreach: Al Jazeera told first

Ehrlich snatches more voters across the aisle, poll says

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