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U.S. Politics 7/5: Democrats told to press Social Security fears over recess

July 5, 2010

Newsweek | A Bipartisan Mirage

The slippery style of Lindsey Graham

Cover: Woman On the Verge

Wa Examiner | Fire Michael Steele, but do it for the right reasons

POLITICO | DeMint: Graham ‘wrong’ on tea party

Philly Inquirer | Panther Case Dismissal Needs Explanation

Vegas Review-Journal | Obama: The Great Jobs Killer

Wa Post | Candidate nobody is not to be underestimated

CNN Money | 7.9 million jobs lost, many forever

POLITICO | Democrats fear end of New York gravy train

Read more:

THE HILL | Democrats told to press Social Security fears over recess

CNS News | Conservatives Are More Than Twice as Likely as Liberals to Be Strongly Patriotic, Says Gallup Poll

NY Times | Companies Find Ways to Bypass Ban on Earmarks

A Political Clash Over Deficits Stalls Legislation to Address Jobs

Day 75: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Right Bias | Headlines

The Spy | Swap Steele For Palin

Sunlit Uplands | Why Obama is Sabotaging U.S. Economic Growth

“Barack Obama is either an idiot or an enemy agent. Either way he is not fit to be president.”

Defunit | Tanning, Anti-Tax, Anti-ObamaCare Groups Call for Repealing 10% Tanning Tax



ABC News | Sen. John McCain on RNC’s Michael Steele: ‘No Excuse’ for ‘Wildly Inaccurate’ Afghanistan Remarks

Am Thinker | Dependency, the Liberals’ Natural Resource

Kagan: Unfit for the Supreme Court

Last Week’s Other Big Supreme Court Decision

How Europeans Invented the Modern World

Big Journalism | Great Moments in Sports — American Flag Division

CNN | POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, July 5, 2010

Ron Paul praises Steele’s comments

FOX News | Steele Scrambles to Contain Fallout After Afghan War Comment

LIVESHOT: Texas AG Calls Out Obama

Michelle Malkin | Bush Derangement Syndrome: 4th of July Fireworks Edition

NRO | The End of an Idea — By: NRO Staff

A Tired and Poor Speech — By: Michael Barone

RedState | We must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight!

Am Spectator | Regulating Corporate Speech, Chicago-Style

Daily Beast | BP Still on Gov’t Payroll

Sexy Russian ‘Spy’ a Kinky Wife

Wa Times | An about-face on ‘backroom deals’?

GOP newcomer hot on the heels of Feingold in Senate-race polls

Spending bill passed by House in Senate slog

GOP strategy focuses on Obama

Activists enraged, then engaged

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