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U.S. Politics; Celebrating 234 Years of Independence

July 4, 2010

Independence Day, 234th

Michelle Malkin | Independence Day 2010: Happy 234th birthday, America

>Hoodwinked: Actual ‘First Black President’ Says Robert Byrd Joined the Klan Just to Get Elected

American Thinker | George Washington — The Culturist Father of Our Country

>The 4th of July and the Progressive Overreach

>Losing the Republic

>Our Declaration to the World

>Does the Declaration of Independence Tell the Truth?

RedState | In Congress, July 4, 1776: The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

>A Fourth of July Sermon

ABCNews | Of Tea and Taxes: Understanding the Boston Tea Party

>Politicians’ Harsh Words Pull Campaign Cash

>Plastic Bags: Untapped Tax Gold Mine?

>McCain Knocks July, 2011 Afghanistan Deadline

AP | Sen. Graham: GOP chairman wrong on Afghanistan

>McCain: Steele must assess his future as GOP head

>Democrats resist GOP bid to nationalize election

>Calvin Coolidge, born July 4: Hero to tea partiers

Big Journalism | Fourth Of July Thread: ‘Footlight Parade’ and the Way We Were

>The New Media Template: Influence Policy, Control the Narrative and Celebrate the Death of Objective Journalism

>National Public Radio: Choosing Sides and Controlling the Terms Of the Debate With Our Money

The Greenroom | Celebrating 234 years of liberty and freedom: Happy Birthday, America

>Top 20 Photos From the Gulf that Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Wa Examiner | Obama plays election-year politics on immigration

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