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U.S. Politics 7/3

July 3, 2010

Am. Spectator | Constitutional Confusion

>Hot Dog, Anyone?

FOXNews | Oil May Hit Miami as Gulf Has Glum Holiday

>Newt Gingrich on Understanding U.S. Origins

>Lone Flag Found at Ground Zero Goes on Tour

>Next Tea Party Wave Rises From Alaska to Colo.

>Strapped Cops Turn to Pot Busts for Cash

USA Today | Lawyer: N.Y. spy suspect’s dad told her to see cops

>Millions of swine flu vaccine doses to be burned

>Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding

The Greenroom | Tweet the Declaration of Independence in 140 Characters or Less; Jefferson’s Ghost Appalled.

>House Dems to GOP: Neener, Neener, No Gulf Coast Trip for You

CNN | Dawson: RNC should remove Steele

>Liz Cheney calls for Steele’s resignation

>GOP’s Chambliss eyes the national debt

Big Journalism | ‘We’re Not the Enemy Here’ — When You’ve Lost Anderson Cooper and CNN… Maybe the MSM Is Finally Beginning To Sober Up

>‘Cry Wolf,’ the ‘JournoList,’ and Now This: One Of WaPo’s Bloggers Outed As Obama White House Operative. Is Anybody Surprised?

ABCNews Video | No Apology From GOP’s Steele


Michelle Malkin | California Paints Over Popular 9/11 Memorial, Schwarzenegger Apologizes

NRO | Business-Power Neglect — By: Larry Kudlow

RedState | Battle of Gettysburg Memorial Open Thread

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