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U.S. Politics 7/2

July 2, 2010


The Daily Beast | Lindsey Graham Tears Into Tea Party

Am. Thinker | Why Kagan Is Unqualified — and Dangerous

>Wealth, Jobs, the Fishing Industry, and Obama

>No One’s Capital Is Safe in Obama’s America

Wa Times | Opponents keep hope alive to kill health reform law

>NRA fires at Kagan’s high court nomination

>Obama alienates GOP over immigration bill

>Probe: HHS duped for energy payouts

Michelle Malkin | Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Best Way to Create Jobs

>Google to Pay Heterosexuals Less Than Homosexuals

RCP | Early Morning Update

Democrats Shaping November Battle Plan – Dan Balz, Washington Post
Obama Gets a Leadership Lesson From Bill Clinton – Nina Easton, Fortune
How Lobbyists Shaped the Financial Reform Bill – Steven Brill, Time
We Need Candor on Terror – Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Myths of Austerity – Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Polarization of the Supreme Court – David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics

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