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Sheheen Can’t Run from 100,362 Voters

June 25, 2010

By Karen Floyd

A haunting trend seems to be overtaking the Democratic Party these days. It truly seems that they believe their opinion matters more than the views of the people. For example, Democrats think they know better than doctors about which healthcare system is best for the people. Democrats also seem to know more than small business owners on how to run their businesses. So it should be no surprise that in a state primary Democrats believe they know better than voters on who should be elected.

On June 8th, a resounding 100,362 votes were cast for Senatorial Candidate Alvin Greene, and the Democrats could not be more deaf to the people’s voice. While exactly 58.96% of voters shouted for Mr. Greene’s candidacy, this is apparently not a loud enough number for one to be considered a relevant contender.

Carol Fowler, the State Democratic Party Chairman, recently stated in an interview on CNN that “Alvin Greene is irrelevant to South Carolina voters and he is irrelevant to the fall campaign”. Wait a minute- irrelevant? So does this mean that all the Democratic candidates that won by equal or smaller margins should be considered irrelevant as well?

Due to this arbitrary line that Carol Fowler has drawn in the South Carolina red clay, we regret to inform the following Democratic candidates that they are now “irrelevant”:

  • Frank Holleman (56.16%)
  • Ben Frasier (55.70%)
  • Boyd Brown (47.79%)
  • Grady Brown (54.67%)
  • Elizabeth Munnerlyn (52.30%)
  • Curtis Brantley (55.13%)
  • Dan Johnson (42.85%)

Sorry folks, you just didn’t quite make Carol’s cutoff!

Of course, one obvious individual that must be added to this list of failures is Gubernatorial Candidate Vincent Sheheen, who actually matched Alvin Greene’s voter percentage- that’s right, 58.96%. This is no doubt a shocking upset for Mr. Sheheen, who thought that he did pretty well and is busy preparing for the fall election. However, Carol Fowler has laid down the law: “Thou art irrelevant to South Carolina voters and to the fall campaign if thou hast not won by more than 58.96%.” Start packing, Vinny.

While no one knows which mountaintop Carol visited to receive this law from a burning palmetto tree, it is clear that the Democrat Party wants to sideline a good chunk of South Carolina. Not surprising, really, when one considers the typical Democrat position that government knows what is best for them.

While many things should be said about the Democrats, the term “hypocrite” should never be thrown around in a cavalier manner. So we must assume a statement is about to be released from the Democrat headquarters stating that the above list of candidates will be exiled to the land of irrelevancy. We will await their press conference.

In the meantime, please be sure to visit to support your Republican Party, which does NOT believe in sidelining candidates who actually win election primaries. Thank you!

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