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Your Tax Dollars @Work: Rex: Political involvement by educators key to continuing public school improvements

June 24, 2010

Jim Rex

[This from an email we received last night from SCDOE]

In his final “state of the schools” speech to South Carolina school administrator, Superintendent
of Education Jim Rex touted the K-12 reforms of the
past three years and said political involvement by educators is key to continued improvement.

“We have to stop playing defense and start playing
offense,” Rex told his audience at the annual
Leadership Conference sponsored by the South
Carolina Association of School Administrators. “If we
truly want change, then we have to get involved in the political process.”

Rex reminded educators that it was their “respectful but consistent pressure” that resulted in legislative overhaul of the state’s education accountability system in 2008 and kept the fight for federal stimulus dollars in the public eye. He said a similar push is needed now to revamp the state’s finances.  Read more»

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  1. June 24, 2010 9:50 PM

    An absolute evil f**k of a person. My William F. Buckley escapes me at the moment.

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