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The Linda Ketner Relaunch

June 24, 2010

Hi folks,

With the announcement of the “Ketner
Petition Campaign,” my email, phone
and Facebook messages have
exploded.  If you don’t know what I’m
referring to, it’s at

With no staff, my response time to
your questions and comments will be
slow and I hope you’ll understand

I didn’t initiate or know anything about
this petition campaign until Tuesday
evening.  As my friend and former
Finance Director, Doug Warner, said
in his quote from an article in Politico,
“What we asked her is, ‘Don’t commit,
start thinking about it, let us get the
signatures and then we will decide.'”
And that’s where I am on it.

I’m not commenting to the press,
rather waiting to see if there’s a strong
response that this is the place that I
can be of service for a better South

I’m deeply appreciative of the interest,
and if 10,000 or more registered voters
sign a petition, it’s something I would
take very seriously.

Of this I am sure … none of us have
the luxury of giving up on good
government. There’s simply too much
at stake.

Very best,


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