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The Treasurer the Deputy the Tahoe and Your Money: Updated

June 2, 2010

SCHotline: Mar 20, 2010 [A Saturday…] Our current treasurer Converse Chellis and Scott Malyerck depart the Beacon Drive-In in their special requisition TAHOE after attending a political event hosted by the Piedmont Republican Club.

Herald-Journal: May 26, 2010 “Chellis also brought a state employee, Deputy Treasurer Scott Malyerck, to a purely political editorial board meeting at the Herald-Journal last week, a clear breach of ethics law. When challenged on it, the pair (over a period of three days, in person, by phone and via a letter to the editor) claimed Malyerck came along for five separate and contradictory reasons, changing the story each time one of their justifications was challenged.”


Herald Journal | Loftis for Treasurer: Incumbent Converse Chellis has not earned another term in office

The Sun News | Curtis Loftis: “That car cost more than the average South Carolinian makes in a year.”

FITSNews | Candidates’ Ad Strategy Questioned

The Spy | Converse Chellis/Mick Zais: Potential Campaign Ethics Violations

SCHotline | Converse Chellis lies again…  Curtis Loftis has NO criminal record!


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  1. fred permalink
    June 4, 2010 6:58 PM

    I looked at his disclosurer forms and he has not paid the state one penny for use of the state car during his campaign. Thousands and thousands of miles these candidates drive, and he does it for free.

    He is ripping off the state’s taxpayers and nothing is being done about it. We are a corrupt state, that is for sure


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