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“A Pair of Converse”

May 28, 2010

SC Club for Growth PAC

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Dear Friend,

Last month we endorsed challenger Curtis Loftis for State Treasurer. In doing so, we said that his opponent, incumbent Treasurer Converse Chellis

“earned consistent failing grades on our legislative scorecards and promptly decided to spend nearly $1 million of public funds on TV ads featuring none other than himself…Chellis was not elected Treasurer for his support of conservatives, having helped cut the deal that led our “Republican” legislature to elect a liberal Democrat and former legislator to a ten-year term on the state Supreme Court.”

Converse Chellis just keeps proving us right. Since our endorsement we’ve learned of Chellis’ staff campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, his spending tens of thousands on a taxpayer-funded, luxury SUV and his role in a $60 million accounting blunder. While these are serious issues, we have put together a fun video comparing his actions with a more famous Converse in order to help spread the word about his record between now and election day.

Please click here to watch the short video:

Video Link: “A Pair of Converse”

You can also check out our website about his record (and submit your own comparisons) at


SC Club for Growth PAC

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