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A Crisis in Leadership, “Part time work for full time pay”

May 10, 2010

A Crisis in Leadership

“Part time work for full time pay”

$92,000 a year for less than 20 hours per week

The public records clearly show the total number of hours per year NOT worked by Chellis1165, the number of hours worked is 587.75.

I believe there is a crisis in leadership in State Government. Many of our leaders don’t work hard enough or long enough. They have traded public service for self service. They seem more concerned with the trappings of office, than the well-being of the people.

Our incumbent state Treasurer Converse Chellis is an excellent example of a high public official that does not work long enough or hard enough. Mr. Chellis was a sitting member of the House of Representatives and was selected by the General Assembly to fill an unexpired term, and to this day Mr. Chellis remains on a legislative schedule…he works 3 days a week.

That is full time pay for a part time job…$92,000 a year for less than 20 hours per week! This salary is on top of his taxpayer purchased luxury SUV complete with 4 wheel drive, tow package, electric wench and $2500 navigation package…and of course a generous health and retirement package and other perks of high office.

Please note that the State Treasurer’s schedule is an official document. It is maintained by a $63,000 a year aid to the Treasurer. As an official record it is subject to the open records act, and it is mandated by state regulation that his schedule be archived by the state for future use by scholars, researchers and other interested parties. So as you can see, this is a serious and important state document.

As Treasurer Curtis Loftis will place his schedule on the Internet for all to see. All appointments and personal time will be reflected on his calendar.

The schedule clearly shows, to any reasonable and fair person, that the Treasurer enjoys a three day work week. It shows that he rarely is ever at work on Mondays or Fridays, and in fact it shows that his schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is “light”.

I would like to add a personal note at this point. I instructed my staff to be honorable and GENEROUS when ascribing the number of hours worked and the purpose of those hours, to Converse’s schedule. Please note that we included all breakfasts, lunches and suppers regardless of who they were with. We also included after hours receptions, even those where alcohol was served, and those of a partisan political nature. We also included partisan political events that he attended during the work day and even the travel time to those events. So, for example a trip to the Greenville County Republican Lunch Club entailed over 3 hours travel time and one hour at the luncheon…so we counted that trip as 4 hours of work! So again, you can see we were very generous in our outlook to Mr. Chellis.

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  1. May 10, 2010 1:35 PM

    Related: Free-Times Article

    Also See: S.C. Treasurer’s Office Lies About Credit Rating

    “Please find below the credit rating that shows SC with a double A credit rating…not a triple A. The Treasurer’s office ought to be truthful when they speak. Simple facts like this are damaging to their credibility.” ~SCHotline

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