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SC Stimulus Update

May 7, 2010

Subject: SC Stimulus Update by Justin Evans

Most of you remember a contentious fight over the stimulus  passed by Obama and his Congress last year.

South Carolina Republican leadership used the politics of fear to “force” lawmakers to accept the money, saying teachers would be fired and people would go without health services, if we did not take the money……arguments that were purely false.

The stimulus money that did come was not able to be used for “saving teachers and granting health care to the poor.”  Instead, the federal government forced us to create new and permanent programs with the money instead of shoring up budget shortfalls at both the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education…..a fact that we all argued, but Republican leadership would have none of it.

And guess what has happened……the next round of stimulus money, specifically FMAP money, apparently isn’t coming this year.

Problem is, Republican lawmakers have already appropriated that ghost money in the current budget.

Bottom line, Republican lawmakers created this hole yet they are now shocked that the federal government didn’t follow through with the cash…..after conservatives told them this would happen.

Republican lawmakers now have to find $213 million in additional cuts or increases in taxes, fees, or fines, to shore up the budget so that it passes constitutional muster.

Good job guys, way to “represent” the people.

You can bet your bottom dollar that fees, fines, and possibly taxes will be the tools of choice for our current “Republican” leadership.

To hell with government consolidation or cutting inefficiencies in state government to save the money necessary to fund core state government services.

Those conservative principles take a back seat to taxes and fees for these guys.

For those of you who say I complain without offering solutions….here is a solution:

Cut the Department of Education drastically.  Consolidate school districts, fire most non-teaching “administrative” personnel, hire teachers with the money you save and use the rest to shore up the budget.  There is no defensible reason to have 85 school districts with thousands of administrative personnel that have nothing to do with teaching our children anything in a state with 46 counties.

There is no defense for firing teachers while at the same time protecting this inefficient, and for the last 30 years, ineffective bureaucracy that continues to fail our children.

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  1. May 7, 2010 1:36 PM


    You ARE going to run for SCGOP chairman, aren’t you?

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