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Maria Brady Responds to the Actions of Upcountry TEA Party Organizer Roan Garcia

April 19, 2010

Dear Coalition Members and related individuals:

Much like Chris, Mike and I were attacked by the Coalition in the press release that was sent out this week; we are very disappointed. However, we made a decision not to react in any way that could hurt the Tea Party that was planned for Greenville, SC. Now that it is over, there are several issues we feel strongly should be clarified.

Our departure from the Coalition was not, “because we were members of the Restore America Plan” as was stated by Jonathan and Roan in their press release. Let me state clearly – We had already decided, prior to attending the last meeting, to discontinue our association with this coalition. We were there at the meeting simply to be present when the coalition endorsed Bill Connor. We had been led to believe, as did many others that were present that an endorsement would be made that evening for Bill Connor. It is also my understanding that Bill Connor was operating under that belief as well. Are any of you aware that Roan invited Ann Campbell from Americans for Constitutional Government to speak against endorsing candidates, whereby used that platform to endorse her own candidate? Shortly before the coalition started I received a call from Ann Campbell asking me to meet with Roan Garcia her stated intent was for us to form an alliance to oust Bill Rhoades. She made it very clear she didn’t like him and was determined to have him removed.

Our decision to leave the Coalition group was due in large part to the fact that it had become apparent that “certain” members of the coalition, with their own agendas, were having pre-meetings and making back room deals; this greatly disturbed us. We also discovered that Roan was working quietly with Kerry Wood, to infiltrate the coalition by leading those grassroots members around “by the nose”. Roan was aligned with a few other members that wanted to get us out of the coalition, more than likely because we could not be manipulated.

My point is supported by the fact, that I have now had 3 coalition members, tell me they were never shown the Press Release before it was sent out. This suggests that Roan, and his cronies, just decided to send out a press release without all members being advised, or voting to do so. One can only conclude that the coalition is now allowing Roan, and possibly others, to run the show without member consensus in the message.

Shame on every one of you that sat back and never said one word about it; you allowed this to happen. I have been not very subtly threatened by one member, that told me “he knew a lot more that could hurt my husband and me that he didn’t mention in the press release”. Needless to say, I don’t take kindly to such threats. My husband and I do not claim to be saints and I am sure everyone has a history, and everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God. However, to attack people by dragging up things from their past to hold them in such a poor light, just stinks of political games by some within the coalition that are more politically savvy than others. I am afraid that there are many in the coalition that have not realized they are being used, and would not agree with these tactics that a select few are using to trash good people’s names.

We may not be proud of things in our past, but rest assured, we will not be silenced by the threats coming from a few members of the coalition. If you feel you need to continue to air our dirty laundry, by all means do so; if that makes you feel better go for it. God does not judge one on their past, but on what they are NOW and if they are striving to do the right thing. God is a forgiving God. When one asks for forgiveness, he forgives them. Mike and I are right with God now, and that is all that is important to us.

It saddens me that the rest of the coalition members are only getting part of the story that Roan and friends want you to know. It is easy to slander someone, when you don’t ask one for the whole story.

Folks it is important that you know that you have only been told what he chooses to tell you. It would serve all of you well to ask questions, particularly of those that are being slandered to get to the bottom of the games.

Don it is time for you to speak out too… I was present when Roan tried to make a scene with you in front of the coalition. There are many other examples and you know who you are… it is time to speak up. You are being deceived, and manipulated for a reason. Please pray for discernment.

It is time to quit running and ignoring what is going on, you owe it to yourselves and others to have a meeting to learn what is really going on. Don’t be led quietly to the slaughter!

God bless all of you.

Maria Brady
Boiling Springs Tea Party

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  1. April 19, 2010 7:30 PM

    Maria, stick to your guns! Good for you! This only reaffirms my belief that we made the right decision to not become part of any coalition, but to remain autonomous.

    The only thing I promised my parents to do, was to never become a politician. It is a dirty business and when we find a gem, we must continue to work hard to keep them decent and honest!

  2. April 20, 2010 11:36 AM


    It sorrys me to read that this type of “game play” is taking place up in your neck of the woods. This whole story line is just getting noticed over here (thanks SCHotline).

    When egos and agendas work their way into the TEA Party/Liberty/Constitution movement, feathers can be ruffled for sure. After dealing with this similar stuff in June/July 2009 here in MB, it became unworkable in many regards. The folks that want to make a buck or grow in “power” can have at it, imho. We that really want to gather people, teach, be involved, and earn the respect as a legitimate voice to be reconded with by our elected officials have moved on and keep to the highroad with just that – moving on.

    In the “heat” of the battle sometimes the parties can lose focus, it is up to the real strong to keep on keeping on – God bless your efforts in this regard.


  3. Molly Mcfee permalink
    April 21, 2010 4:49 PM

    Sounds to me as though Satan is trying everything he can to break up the Tea Party. Folks, if we do not go forward doing what we initially came together to do, we will most definately lose this battle. We must put our personal issues behind us and work for the good of the Party. If we are going to come together acting like the Democrats and Republicans, we are no better than they. We must come together in unity to preserve the good that has come from all the hard work this past year.

    Personally, I do not want ANY Republican endorsed as a candidate for the Tea Party. If I want to vote Republican, I will vote as usual and forget I heard of The Tea Party. We must bring forth a “regular” citizen who has a good head for business and knows how to balance a budget and get behind him 100%. Each candidate we choose must be a regular citizen not a lifelong politician. Most politicians have been groomed by someone who expects payback.

    This is extremely serious business. Our country and more importantly our Constitution is at stake.

    Molly McFee

  4. Denise permalink
    April 21, 2010 11:55 PM

    Maria, I can not believe those who were once so very close, who have traveled hundreds of miles together and have such like minds, have been swooned and courted like little girls on the play ground. My only hope is for all involved to remember that we are all trying to get the most qualified person, into office. But I am afraid the people are being charmed by the snake. The snake has lied since the beginning of time and continues to do so.
    I just can’t believe all the lies and dirty tales. We have but one judge to go before.
    Have you heard that message with – – – -? That is like the third time I know of that he has threatened somebody. Does this make him think this makes him big or what? You know how they bashed Palin? Well that was because she was such a threat. They are afraid of Christina too because they know how qualified she is.
    Trey Gowdy makes me sick. He gets on TV talking about how he is going to seek the death penalty because the guy shot 3 people and one of them was a child. Ah, guess what, nincumpoop? They were alllllll somebody’s children!!!!!!!!! What an idiot!!!! Hope that helps him sleep at night. The guy that pulled the trigger on the gun that killed MY CHILD only served 10 months!!!! Guess justice would have been served if he would have been killed in an election year!!!!!!!! I couldn’t afford the justice my son deserved. Jim Lee, ahhhhhh, what are his qualifications again????? David Thomas, the clown that wants to make it mandatory for everybody to have water sprinklers in there homes?????? What could be worse? Bob Inglis, did you say?


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