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Christopher S. Lawton: The Facts Regarding My Involvement with the Upcountry TEA Party Coalition and Roan Garcia

April 19, 2010

Dear Coalition Members & Related Individuals:

You would not believe the inner turmoil I have had since this message was left on my phone by Roan Garcia.

March 25 @ 12:06AM from Roan – Garcia (Who I had considered a friend). First of all, believe me; I wouldn’t hurt the FREEDOM Tea Party movement under any conditions! – So I purposely waited until after the Bi-Lo event to calm down and let cooler heads prevail.

Now it’s become apparent that you need to know ALL the facts – then you make up your own minds.

I was contacted by Roan after I had acted as an facilitator to quell the “Pitchfork Protest” at the GOP meeting to come to a Coalition meeting — Apparently, some of the group had decided to recruit me as the Chairman without the knowledge of the whole group (I should have known at this point I was being put together – MY fault).

Yes, I had confided prior to Roan of my SCDOR lawsuit and pending charges as I had many of my friends. Not something I advertise, however not something that is common knowledge. It is now my convictions that Roan was attempting to use this “private info” as leverage for me to do his bidding as Chairman of the Coalition.


Yes, I left a very abrupt message on Roan’s call on his phone — dropping numerous f-bombs — I don’t take kindly to threats, Jim Wilkie also called and threatened me and we also had words.

Needless to say — when I came to the Coalition Meeting on 4/30 @ Fuddruckers on Woodruff Rd (btw… conveniently after the filing date for any Coalition members to file for office –except Harry Kibler & Tom Corbin both of whose campaigns are being run by Roan). I was told by Roan I was removed by The Coalition as Chairman and Jonathan Hill would now be Chairman. I commented to Roan “I guess it’s easy come easy go, right Roan?” – He challenged me to make a scene if I wanted too — I decided to take the high road and hand my typed agenda’s to Jonathan w/ a check for $500 from Allen Arms (who Brian Frank had contacted) and walked out.

The next day (3/31) I sent this email to The Coalition: (still attempting to take the high road)

Dear Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organizations (aka The Coalition),

It’s been a privilege and an honor to serve as your Temp-Chairman during this

transitional stage.

I wish each and everyone massive success in your endeavors

to save America!

If I can be of any service and or resource to any of you, please

don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chris Lawton

Then on Friday (4/2) The Coalition decided to slander me in a Statewide Press Release (see attached) along with Maria Brady. FYI — BTW … prior to this, Roan had pressured me into doing whatever it took to run off Greenville Tea Party leader Bill Rhodes from The Coalition.

As if this was not enough last Fri 4/16 – This unfolded at the Marriott! (see comments)

where my wife was threatened!!! … THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW!

See Also:

Roan Garcia-Quintana, Again…

Roan Garcia, political activist or political bully?

If “The Coalition” has decided to remain neutral on candidate endorsements then why are they bashing & attacking Christina Jeffrey?

What is Roan’s relationship with Jim Lee & “Dark Horse Strategies” and Kerry Wood?

Why is “The Coalition” allowing political operatives to pull their strings?

Last but not least … Definition of Irony — Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) Coalition

summary dismisses Chairman for Tax issues!! C’mon People WAKE UP!

Sincerely holding to principle over politics, your servant and friend,

Christopher S. Lawton

Organizer of the National Coalition to Elect

True Conservatives

GOP Boiling Springs Executive Committeeman
Greer, SC

Fringe Members Exit Upcountry Coalition of Conservative.pdf

Christina Jeffrey for Congress CD4

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  1. Psst permalink
    April 19, 2010 3:18 PM

    SC politics is as dirty as Cuban politics. Look at all of the rumors and lies started by political consultants just wanting to make a name for themselves. When people talk in the GOP circles the same names keep popping up. I guess some of the lessor knowns are trying to get a real name for them selves. In order to work in important races, you have to have a name as either being very well connected or being ruthless and underhanded with a knack for doing it and not being pinned for it. Sad but most of the time, you hear “that’s So-in -So’s MO” or “Yes thats just like YadaYada” These SC bad boys are in for a real surprise when their uglier than dogbutt tactics cost their clients the races they are in. So Maybe Dark Horse and Roan Garcia are moving into that “oh so ugly” realm. What gets me is, we as a country are facing the most perilous times to come and this state needs to be strong for our children’s sake. When will everyone realize that NEO CONs have NO place in this state and their consultants have NO business pushing patriots out the doors? I’ve met Mrs. Jeffries and she is grounded as solid in the Constitution as anyone I’ve met. You can bet, she will get my vote and since this episode, I will never vote for anyone being promoted by Dark Horse and Roan Garcia.

    I heard the radio show the other day when a guy called in and asked Mr. Lee about the UN and I was astounded to hear that he thinks that the UN has a place in America. I hope the Tea Party people in D 4 can figure out that he is not a Tea Party candidate and the Constitution is a buzz word to get votes. Who is pushing this guy and why? Is it money when we should be more concerned with freedom? I’m sickened and saddened by this political quagmire.

  2. Wes Drawdy permalink
    April 20, 2010 11:18 AM

    This entire fiasco is the most eloquent endorsement for GOOOH that I have seen around these parts. It reminds me of Animal Farm – – –

    Short circuit this BS—

    Join GOOOH.COM

    There are GOOOH mock sessions scheduled for the 20th [today] in Powdersville, the 22nd in Greenville, and the 26th in Spartanburg.

    For Details See:

    -Wes Drawdy

  3. May 4, 2010 12:21 AM

    No doubt Mr Roam has several personal issues with himself after listening to that phone message to you! Either he is the dumbest F##K on the planet to make a threat and leave it on voicemail or a answering machine or he was drunk as a Georgia redneck Coot on a Snipe Hunt looking for Glenn Beck Communists in a South Georgia Swamp…….No wonder they ran him out of Georgia…..This man needs therapy or a real job if he really believes he saving the Republic…….” Insanity and a massive Ego at work together with this two bit jerk seems to be his weakness point in life”


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