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Dear Congressman,

February 26, 2010

Dear Congressman,

I, along with many of my fellow Americans, watched the health care summit with disappointment and anger. While this was billed as a bipartisan attempt to deal with health care, the President’s insistence on starting with a bill that represented only the views of the far left, and had already been rejected by the American people, proved from the outset that this was purely theater. It seems obvious that this was set up as a prelude to, and a bogus excuse for, reconciliation. There was no indication that the Democrats intended to listen to the American people, but there were clear suggestions that they in fact intended to defy the will of the people and force this bill through by legislative chicanery.

Sadly, this behavior was not unexpected from this administration. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi power structure does not appear to believe in government for the people, by the people. There is no way they can say they have not heard our objections, but they continue to push a budget busting, ‘entitlement’ creating, job killing bill that will destroy a health care system that is the best in the world. They continue to push a bill that the American people have resoundingly rejected.

I am asking that you vote against this bill. I am asking you to tell your leaders you will not be a party to an end run around the American people.  America has clearly rejected another ‘entitlement’ program. America has clearly rejected rationed health care. America has clearly rejected any more deficit spending. Vote with America. Vote for America’s future. Stop this bill.


D. Jeffrey Sewell

West Columbia, South Carolina

This is a little something I think we should be mass-mailing to every Democrat in both houses. Feel free to copy, distribute, add your name to, or replace my name with yours and mail. It ain’t over till it’s over, and they are not stopping.

~James D. Lee, M.D.

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  1. allforpaul permalink
    February 27, 2010 8:26 AM

    Dear Mr. Sewell, please speak for yourself.

    While I agree that the health bill is far less than perfect, some Americans with chronic illnesses and tremendous medication expenses will actually benefit from the measures already proposed.

    Maybe you know who owns the insurance companies; maybe you don’t. It’s easy to research it though. Do you actually believe in fascism or have you aptly renamed it, making it more palatable to you ?

    Do you realize when one monthly prescription costs $1129.00 in the US, the same drug can be obtained from Canada for $156.00 a month?
    Do you understand the US company “bought off” allowing the drug to go generic for two more years, creating enormous financial difficulty for your fellow sick Americans?

    Do you not believe you personally may ever be forced to make a decision between owning your home, and eating, or taking the only medication that has ever helped you ? For the record, I have an over 30 year misdiagnosed, actually undiagnosed illness. Experts again say it takes two years of healing time for every year spent untreated.

    Have you stopped to think that the US now excludes some diagnoses for treatment because they can? Some expensive to treat diseases are simply not recognized. No one tests for them. “Experts” say they don’t even exist, however DNA testing proves differently. Do you believe in DNA testing? If not, we need to remove it as a punitive measure in our legal system, right? Hopefully we can agree at a minimum on that point.

    Many many things are broken in the healthcare system. I realize you personally did not break the system and most likely don’t even profit from it, however, at some point in your mortal life, you too, will be ” in need” of medical care. Please remember that fact.

    Health care should not be a priviledge. Healthcare is a right.

    I could go on and on but you are familiar with the points. Are you also familiar with fascism?

  2. March 6, 2010 6:11 PM

    Therein lies the problem in your last graph, health care is NOT a right. Only a free market can solve the legitimate problems you bring up. Please decide what and what not you want your government doing for you, it is a very important first step in solving these and many other important issues… js


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