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SCHotline LTE | HD69’s Danny Frazier

February 21, 2010
Alex permalink

What a joke. There is a core “group” of guys that hang out with Danny that are involved with some nefarious and likely criminal activities. Danny has his family problems. Stacy doesn’t have enough to pay alimony and child support. Danny and is gang have never matured enough to leave high school. They live in the past, worried about BC football games, cruising Knox Abbot and partying in Friday nights. Most have divorced their wives or still live at home with their parents. They love to flash cash and live high, trying to impress the ladies.

This group of misfits lead by Danny Frazier need to be investigated, not elected.


2010 February 19
My Daughters Mother permalink

Far too many people do not know the true Danny Frazier. Please talk with some who do from West Col. and Lexington.
He has a horrible opinion of women and in my opinion ,from being around him often,has low morals and ethics.
If he is elected, he will, sooner or later, will prove to be a horrible embarrassment and a disaster.
I ask you, please check into the kind of person he truly is. My daughter and I found out to our embarrassment one night.
He left his wife and children, involved in an affair and has treated them horribly since, ask Wendy.


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