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“People Rank First Lady First in Their Books”

February 14, 2010

By: Keith H. Seymour, Contributing Editor

Writer’s Note:  According to publicist and Ballantine Books Representative, Theresa Zoro, First Lady and the publishing company were recently notified that the book which is in its third printing, will debut on February 23rd, as number eight on the New York Times Bestseller List.  According to Zoro, the current ranking of “Staying True,” is based upon two days of “calculated sales.”

COLUMBIA- In spite of hazardous weather conditions, Friday, people drove from places as far as Winnsboro, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and were lining up as early as 10 a.m. to attend the 7 p.m. book signing of First Lady Jenny Sanford’s new book, “Staying True,” which was held at the Barnes Nobel Bookstore, located inside the Midtown at Forest Acres Mall, on Forest Drive.    The very sociable first lady, who was honoring all personal request to be photographed by cameras and cell phone cameras, so people could put them on their networking site pages, was described by everyone  as  a “down to earth” and “inspirational woman. This included people such as Eric Leak, who purchased the book from, prior to the book’s release in bookstores. Mr. Leak, a college student who has been a longtime time admirer of Governor Sanford, Leak stated that he had no conflicting feelings concerning his continued political admiration of the governor, and personal respect and admiration of the first lady.

There were a few people in attendance as a result of the media’s coverage of Governor Sanford’s affair, and the first lady’s notoriety. However, the bulk of those in attendance told that their primary motivations for wanting to meet Mrs. Sanford were respect, admiration, and the fact that they felt she had raised the bar for the standard of how political wives and other women within the public eye should behave.  “Even though she was a northerner, she epitomizes the true modern day southern belle,” agreed Mr. Fred Kidd and Mr. Don Wigglesworth, who met the first lady at the Christmas open house held at the governor’s mansion, following their move from Kentucky, last year. Kidd and Wigglesworth went onto explain that a week following their brief meeting with the first lady, that they received a handwritten post card from her, welcoming them to their “new home.”

Upon encountering several attendees who had already purchased and read the book, was told that they felt the first lady did not come off as a bitter, betrayed, or vengeful political wife.  Matt Williams of Columbia stated that he felt the first lady portrayed her husband in a manner that was “fair and balanced.” Everyone else present who had already read the book, made equally positive statements, indicating that they viewed First Lady Sanford’s motivation to write the book as wanting to tell “her story,” rather than letting public opinion be based upon on how she and the governor have been portrayed in the media.  Others attending this signing, said they made the trip, because they personally identified with Mrs. Sanford’s marital situation, and view her as someone who has gracefully moved on with her life.  “It took me ten years to forgive my husband,” said Mrs. Nan Keeve of Winnsboro, as she spoke of her own experience concerning an unfaithful husband, several years before. “But she has already forgiven her husband, and to me that makes her a role model.”

There was a clear indication that the feelings of Mrs. Sanford’s response to her husband’s much publicized infidelity, were of neither outrage or pity, but rather, respect and admiration. One thirty-one year old female who was originally from New York, and now living in Lexington County, stated she and several of her close acquaintance in New York, including a friend for whom she was purchasing the signed book have a great deal of respect for Mrs. Sanford, because  “She did not do what (Elliot) Spitzer’s wife did.” This sentiment was also echoed by the men, as illustrated by Mr. Seth Davis, who stated that his respect for the Mrs. Sanford is due to the fact that she overcame her situation by holding her husband accountable and by “by not standing by her man, but on her own two feet.”  The mutual respect that emanated between the first lady, and those with whom she came in contact, was summed up by one woman who told “She (Sanford) makes people believe they can do and overcome anything.”

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  1. gueswho permalink
    February 15, 2010 8:58 AM

    She is selling ” a story”. When the real story hits, her book will fall off the best seller list.


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