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A message from Mark — List of house members voting yes for reform…

January 27, 2010
Office of the Governor

A message
from Mark

Dear Friends,

While I hesitate to clog your inboxes with two emails in two days, this issue strikes me as important enough for your immediate attention.

In the State of the State I talked about the real opportunity each of us has to affect change in small but meaningful ways – including a chance to reform our government structure so that it works more efficiently and better serves the taxpayer.

Yesterday I asked you to join me in contacting our state Representatives and urging them to vote for a bill that would simply give voters the choice this fall to vote on whether the Secretary of State should be an elected or appointed position.

We needed 83 votes today to give people the chance to vote for this common-sense reform.

We got 82.

I’d first thank all of you who picked up the phone and called or sat down at your computer and emailed your Representative on this front. There was certainly a flurry of activity, and you all deserve credit for leveraging your time and voices to try to help make this happen.

Many of your Representatives listened, and 82 decided to give you and all other South Carolinians the vote on this restructuring proposal. I’d single out Republicans like Speaker Bobby Harrell and Representative Tom Young for their steadfast efforts – and for that matter Democratic Representatives like Anton Gunn and Bakari Sellers. We are already working with them and others to find ways to bring this back up for another vote.

The 82 are listed below, and if your Representative falls under this category, I’d ask you thank them for looking out for you in this vote – and for pushing for reform.

Bobby Harrell
Tom Young
Anton Gunn
Bakari Sellers
Paul Agnew
Terry Alexander
Rita Allison
Mike Anthony
Jimmy Bales
Nathan Ballentine
Bruce Bannister
Jim Battle
Eric Bedingfield
Kenny Bingham
Don Bowen
Lester Branham
Phillip Lowe
James H. Lucas
Joe McEachern
Jimmy Merrill
Vida Miller
Joey Millwood
Dennis Moss
Steve Moss
Wendy Nanney
James Neal
Denny Neilson
Ralph Norman

Grady Brown
Boyd Brown
Harry Cato
Richard Chalk
Alan Clemmons
Derham Cole
Kris Crawford
Joe Daning
Chandra Dillard
Jeff Duncan
Shannon Erickson
Mike Forrester
Laurie Funderburk
Mike Gambrell
Wendell Gilliard
Jerry Govan
Phillip Owens
Lewis Pinson
Mike Pitts
Rex Rice
Don Smith
Murrell Smith
Roland Smith
James Smith
Garry Smith
Mike Sottile
Kit Spires
Leon Stavrinakis
Nikki Haley
Dan Hamilton
Nelson Hardwick
Chris Hart
George Hearn
Bill Herbkersman
Davey Hiott
Jenny Horne
Chip Huggins
Anne Peterson Hutto
Ken Kennedy
Patsy Knight
Chip Limehouse
Lanny Littlejohn
Dwight Loftis
Deborah Long
Jim Stewart
Tommy Stringer
Michael Thompson
Mac Toole
David Umphlett
Thad Viers
Bill Whitmire
Mark Willis
Bill Wylie
Annette Young

Still, there were a number of “no” votes, and some who were not present to vote either way – which was effectively a “no” vote. Some did not know the vote was up – others I believe may have misunderstood the vote and thought it a vote against the Secretary of State position, rather than just a vote to allow the people to decide whether this position should be elected or appointed. In either case, the fact is, if just one of these votes had voted the other way we would have crossed the finish line on this particular effort.

So here is what I would also ask. If you don’t see your Representative’s name on the list above, would you respectfully give them a call?

In the State of the State I talked about every one of us making a loud, but respectful call for change – and this is one of those chances to do just that via the phone, personal meeting or email.

I am most encouraged that we can get this done, with your help and theirs.

Take care,
Mark Sanford

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  1. gueswho permalink
    January 28, 2010 7:44 AM

    Dear Mark Sanford,
    All of your ideas are bad ones. Go Away.

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