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A Tea Party Patriot Message to the SCGOP: Not interested in protecting the “Republican brand”

January 26, 2010

Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 3:20 PM

To: Boiling Springs Tea Party

Subject: Re: Is someone trying to hi-jack our movement!


While attending a Greenville TEA party meeting Tuesday night Jan 19, I became troubled by what I heard from Dean Allen, a Republican candidate for Adjutant General of SC. He is a self professed 50 year Republican Party member, and he delivered a message to the 40-50 “TEA party” members in attendance describing how he believed we could join the Republican Party and starting at a grassroots level, work from within the party to get candidates elected.

I listened to him say that we needed to work from within the party’s current process. We had to “work within the system” we had to “get along with others within the party system” that we could “catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. Mr. Allen did not once mention one thing about REFORM that needs to happen within the Republican Party machine. He did not offer any suggestions for bringing any change to practices within the party process to insure that we can keep RHINOS from ever getting back into public office.

After 20 minutes or so of this I stood up and told him that I was not interested in protecting the “Republican brand”. mentioned that American Conservative Union has scored both Lindsey Graham and Bob Inglis in the 89-84% conservative range and that I did not consider them true conservatives. I am not interested in reinvesting in a status-quo party that has failed the average American citizen for many years now, but I am interested in re-energizing freedom, liberty and pro free market based policies based on the Constitution and accountable to the American people.

I believe that it would be fool hardy to throw the full unabashed support of an independent TEA party movement behind a Republican machine without getting good faith, upfront, verifiable assurances for reforms from the Republican machine.

The TEA party has the momentum! We out poll both Republican and Democrats in recent polling: It is this momentum that party-line Republicans desire to annex or hi-jack if necessary, to reenergize and reinvigorate their party.

I reiterated to Mr. Allen several times that elected Republicans (and party officials) need to be held accountable to the US and SC state constitutions for the true standard of behavior in a political process. By joining the Republican Party without upfront getting this understood and agreed to by Republican power brokers, in exchange for TEA party support, we will be giving tacit approval to the “good old boy system”. We will perpetuate a party system which requires us to get along and go along, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, you support my bill I’ll support yours, do your time and we will let you have a seat at the table, type of party.

This political system subverts safeguards of the Constitution to “relationships” developed within the party process. This system places a premium on developing these relationships within the system and marginalizes the Constitutional mind-set of a reform-minded political process. Thus, getting bills passed becomes more important than the Constitutional merit of bills which may be intended to benefit a small segment or campaign contributor and thus not benefit the entire constituency!

Using the Constitution as the standard for any legislation, could eliminate the importance of “political-favors” and reduce their significance to get a bill supported or passed. If a bill passes Constitutional muster, then all should support it, if it doesn’t and someone insists on it getting passed, then this would quickly reveal who is not onboard with reform towards a conservative philosophy.

“Political-favors” are the stock currency of the political process. Exchanged to get support for bills, this type of system invites corruption and concentration of power and is supported by Republican politicians. Political-favors are the fiat currency of politics, much like the fiat money issued by the Federal Reserve – and just as harmful. I believe that Constitutional litmus-testing for all bills, backed up by a party willing to show support for those who do the people’s business would resonate with the public. A party willing to adhere to the Constitution and willing to withdraw support from those who do not, with the goal of removal from office for those violating the Constitution is what we should strive for.

In my opinion, while we have this momentum as leverage, I believe that we need to insist on this fundamental strategic change with our support contingent, upon making this a central issue, a common ground we can meet upon. Unless Constitutional merit and the Conservative values espoused in the Republican platform come center stage to act as “glue”, there will be nothing to bind us together. Regardless of what party, group or affiliation we belong to, if these are not present, there will be no difference a few months from now, from what we have now – RHINO problems within the big tent philosophy.

This is not an indictment of the just the Republican Party. This is a process which infects both the Republican and Democratic Party machines, but I’m not interested in throwing support to a party that operates like the Democratic Party. If there is no difference, then why bother with two parties?

I am a political nobody. I did become involved when I noticed the dangerous direction this country had taken in 2008. I have been to TEA parties in Feb 2009, at the Bi-Lo center in April, Washington 9/12/09, protested the media in front of WYFF, protested at the Statehouse on Jan 9th and attended TEA party meetings in both Boiling Springs and Greenville. I am a political novice at all of this, but I heard members of the Greenville, Seneca and Simpsonville TEA party groups at this meeting and did not hear any objections other than we need to do this because the time is short.

Comparing this to an abusive relationship, with the TEA party as the abused spouse, the abused spouse should take legal action so that safeguards are put in place to protect themselves. If the abuser is to be allowed back in, they would first be ordered by a court to change their behavior before that would happen. And, it would only happen if the abused consents to it and can see demonstrable proof of changed behavior. And, if the abuser reverts back to wrongful behavior, then the abuser goes to jail. This would be a prudent measure taken by the abused spouse due to past history.

Is it just me that questions the wisdom of allowing the abuser back without any safeguards in place? Without first securing a means to effect a change in behavior or a means to enforce a change of behavior if the abuser returns, we leave ourselves at the mercy of others. I once trusted others to look after my country and do the right thing….. But not any longer.

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  1. gueswho permalink
    January 27, 2010 8:57 AM

    best response I have is ” ditto ditto”
    many many good points

  2. January 27, 2010 12:38 PM

    When these teabaggers realize that Exxon isn’t interested in the Free Market, they will be in for a bit of a shock. They’ll be buying eight dollar a gallon gasoline, which may or may not be coming from America, it won’t matter that much. Most of the petrolium we use won’t be regardless and at that price we’ll end up selling our country to the Arabs even if we drill the California coast. Their sons will be out fighting and dying to try to hold on to control in the Middle East. They’ll find the deficits from paying for that war to be pretty high. Their dreams of a return to a Christian US World Empire aren’t going to work out. There is no fifty cent a gallon gas out there. The world is a big, complicated place now and the US can’t dominate it as we did forty years ago.

    The teabaggers will just end up enslaving the nation to the Club for Growth, C-street and all the rest. They’ll find out for certain that while they were fighting free lunch at school and trying to starve out the poor, that the international corporations were eating them alive. Their kids will work for peanuts, if at all. They will blame the liberals and the Banks and Corporations will cheer them on and pay for the advertising to sell that to them.

  3. SCpatrioteer permalink
    January 31, 2010 2:46 AM

    No. It is not just you. Wholehearted agreement here. The party has broken faith with the people for far too long. They don’t hold to their own platform. We don’t know who they are – what they stand for – what they will do in office. We’ve had enough. If they want our support now they must earn it by proving themselves trustworthy. There must be genuine, solid reform first.

  4. January 31, 2010 12:32 PM

    The hotheads who want to complain loudly, but not do any work, are complaining about Republicans – again. This time they are complaining that the GOP is going to “hijack” the name Tea Party. Let’s look at the facts.

    On December 16, 1773 a group of Boston patriots engaged in civil disobedience against King George III. This became known as “The Boston Tea Party.”

    About two years ago, the Ron Paul campaign, the Fair Tax movement, Gov. Huckabee, ad hoc groups, and especially the Greenville County Young Republicans all began to have events they called “Tea Parties.”

    All five groups appropriated the moniker “Tea Party” from American History. It is kind of silly for the last group to start using the name to accuse the group that had the first, and largest “Tea Parties” in South Carolina, of “Hi-jacking” the name! This would be comical if it was not so stupid.

    This is really about people who are angry. They want to disrupt meetings, whether mine, Senator Graham’s, of the Greenville GOP Executive Committee. Disrupting meetings and showing your rear end is a lot easier than doing the hard work of building a political movement. Building a movement requires more brains too.


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