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Event: Senator Kevin Bryant’s 6th Annual Grits Breakfast

January 14, 2010
Dear Friends,
We have been honored with a second term in the South Carolina Senate. Your support has been very valuable.  It’s been a pleasure to serve the taxpayers of South Carolina.
I am pleased to inform you that I will again this year chair the Labor, Commerce, and Industry standing subcommittee on regulation. I share the vision of LCI Chairman, Senator Greg Ryberg.  We must preserve free market ideals, especially in the current economic environment.
I will stand firm on the conviction that less government is essential to a better business climate. The vise of excessive regulations on South Carolina businesses places in jeopardy free enterprise and prosperity.
We faced great challenges in our re-election bid.  We were out spent more than 2 to 1.  Fortunately, Anderson County taxpayers honored me with another term.
Please help me continue the fight for less government and more freedom.  Our 6th annual grits breakfast will be on January 21st at the Palmetto Club in Columbia. Please consider sponsoring this event with a contribution.  I greatly appreciate your support. If you have any concerns, I am always accessible by cell 864.202.8394 or e-mail
Kevin L. Bryant
104-A North Avenue
Anderson, South Carolina 29625

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