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January 3, 2010


by Christina Jeffrey

(A December Guest Column in the Greenville News of South Carolina)

CONTACT:  Bill Welch   (864) 275-8801

Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz used clever words and sleight of hand to fool people. But he had nothing on Wizard of the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid. But do not be fooled, if you are sick, this bill will not cure you.

Wizard Reid’s bill will do as much for health care as the first Wizard of Oz did for little Dorothy’s friends.

For example, in the Wizard of Oz movie, the Scarecrow thinks he has no brain, but the audience sees the truth – he is actually smart.  As he ages, he gets smarter.  He clearly doesn’t need a fake Wizard-crafted certificate to make him smart.

Likewise, Americans are getting smarter about congressional health care proposals. They know they don’t need a fake Wizard-crafted health care system. Reid’s bill adds taxes, fines and mandates, but reforms nothing. Worse, it doesn’t even pretend to insure the uninsured for three or four years. But the costs will start immediately.

The truth is, unless this bill is stopped by the House, baby boomers face an old age very different from their parents. Access to specialists will be severely rationed. It must be, because the bill drains nearly a Trillion dollars from the Medicare program. For example, while otherwise healthy eighty-year-olds now routinely get hip replacements, this will end.  Under this bill, an ordinary eighty-year-old will not be referred to specialists to discuss such expensive procedures.

In the brave new world of Wizard-care, the elderly will have to do without many of the procedures and therapies they enjoy today. Their doctors will not be able to do what is best for them if what is best is also expensive.

The health care “crisis” is obviously not a crisis. A “crisis” requires a rapid solution. Today the poorest among us, even illegals in America get emergency care. While it would be wonderful to

give everyone congressional-style insurance, realists know there are not enough resources in America to socialize health care up. Instead, to cover the poor equally with the middle class, the system will have to socialize health care down to a minimal level. If Reid’s bill passes, not only will our health care be worse, but so will Canada’s and Europe’s. But that’s another story.

More than 60% of American voters are opposed to the Senate’s Christmas Eve bill.  They know there are limits to what the government can afford to do. They also realize that ultimately, Wizard-care is potentially life-changing for ordinary, middle class people, both to their lifestyles and to their pocketbooks. The direct cost of just the Omaha and Louisiana bribes to taxpayers in the other 48 states is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars.

We might sum up the Wizard’s plan this way: The young and healthy will pay more; the old and sick will get less, or “from each according to their ability to each according to [some of] their need.”

The government will insure that everyone “has access to” free check-ups, visits to doctors when sick, and free abortions, but it will pay for this insurance by rationing Medicare.  The boomers have paid Medicare taxes all their lives.  Now when the time comes for the boomers to benefit from all their contributions, only a shell of a program will be there for them. This is reform?

The bill now goes back to the House.  If America is vocal enough, the secretive Wizard-engineered changes may condemn the thing to a well-deserved death.  One reason this might happen – poll numbers in House districts currently in Democrat hands are sinking fast. Will congressmen and women facing opposition in 2010, really come back to DC and sacrifice their re-election chances for the Wizard and his friends?

In order to secure the votes of vulnerable Blue-Dog House Democrats, the Wizard must even now be fitting the victims with wonderful ruby slippers to carry them from their House seats to jobs of even more prestige and reward.  The reader might want to look-up Mrs. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky.  She cast the deciding vote for Clinton’s 1993 tax-raising Budget. It was political suicide, but she is still enjoying the rewards that come to insiders in Oz.

Can the Wizard find enough suicidal House members to pull this off? Many are hoping, praying and working to stop him. However, even if he succeeds, nothing Congress does is written in stone. A new congress can undo anything a previous congress has done.  Because this is so, the 2010 elections will be fiercely contested.

As a candidate for Congress from South Carolina’s 4th District, I promise: “If this monster act, this fraud upon the American people, passes the House and is signed by the President, l will work tirelessly to repeal it. The survival of real health care in the United States depends on us and on the next Congress.”

About Christina Jeffrey

Dr. Christina Jeffrey teaches at Wofford College.  She has studied and written on health care policy since the 1990’s and is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District of South Carolina.  For more information go to, or call 864-541-7287.

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  1. Barbara O' Brien permalink
    January 4, 2010 4:03 PM


    My name is Barbara O’ Brien and my blogging at The Mahablog, Crooks and Liars, AlterNet, and elsewhere on the progressive political and health blogophere has earned me the notoriety of being a panelist at the Yearly Kos Convention and a featured guest blogger at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC.

    I’m contacting you because I found your site in a prominent political and health reform blog search and want to tell you about my newest blogging platform —the public concern of health care and its reform. Our shared concerns include health reform, public health, safe workplaces, and asbestos contamination.

    To increase awareness on these important issues, my goal is to get a resource link on your site or even allow me to provide a guest posting. Please contact me back, I hope to hear from you soon. Drop by our site in the meantime—


    Barbara O’ Brien

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