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Smith (February 6, 2009): “Barack Obama will not be re-elected in 2012”

December 22, 2009

A letter in The American Spectator

He has not been in office a month, yet he has already made one thing pretty close to certain: Barack Obama will not be re-elected in 2012.

Really, this is like watching something along the lines of Back to the Future, but with a younger, half-black (albeit smarter) Jimmy Carter in the White House.

Not only has his administration demonstrated sheer political ineptitude in the face of unprecedented public favor — I am referring to the circus that is Obama’s efforts to put together enough prospective cabinet members who can actually be confirmed by the Senate — the president seems incapable of discerning just how wasteful the so-called stimulus legislation crafted by his fellow Democrats in Congress will prove if actually signed into law by him. All this after he, the new kid on the block in D.C., convinced the majority of Americans that he, not John McCain, possessed the judgment needed to steward our nation during some very dark days.

Bill Clinton was right when he characterized the concept of an Obama administration representing what America needs to be the stuff of a “fairy tale.” Meantime, it is looking more like a nightmare with every passing minute.

While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is singing “We’ve only just begun…to live,” one thing’s certain: The game is already over.

Oh, and for those pundits who thought the conservative movement died when Republicans selected a guy who’d been campaigning for eight years to eventually lose the election for their party, here’s a question: If the conservative movement is dead, why is it that within only a few days of his swearing in ceremony President Obama has spent more time talking about Rush Limbaugh than he has the lefty loonies in the media who helped him pull the wool over voters’ eyes? Seems to me the Conservative movement is still very much alive in the mind of America’s most popular man today — Republicans thus have less to fear than some of their “thought leaders” may assume.

— Michael S. Smith II
Charleston, South Carolina

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  1. gueswho permalink
    December 23, 2009 7:41 AM

    Mr. Smith, you hit the nail on the head. Change we cannot believe, much less in.
    However, and there are many howevers out there, people are sick to death of the status quo.
    Give me a Republican with backbone that represents his constituents anyday. None and I mean absolutely none of the elected Republicans in this state are representing We the People right now.
    Take DeMint and Honduras. Take Graham and cap and trade. Take Sanfraud and his “good steward act”. Where’s McMaster- ignoring legit problems in the state and getting spanked by Craigslist ? Where the hell is Barrett- surely not attending to all his votes. Take Bauer- the Lord in heaven only knows what he is up to. The list goes on endlessly.
    Which of these men, these republican elected representatives has done one thing… for any human being they are supposed to represent.
    Oh wait, I forgot!

    They each in their own way represented the richest, most elite of the citizens of this state and represented them only.

    The rest of us are squat, dittily squat.

    So new blood is imperative. Some conservative men and women of impecable character need to step up to the plate. Some men and women without ties to any* other* organization or agenda.

    Yep a good housecleaning , a thorough one is in order, immediately.


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